Thursday, August 21, 2008

9 years ago today...

Nine years ago today, a baby girl was born that changed the world for me. In that moment she was born I went from being just a guy to a father.

It was somewhere around the month of January, 1999, I was back in college working towards my BS degree and interning at a small start-up. OhCountess and I had been married for a little over 2 years.

My internship was in a city about an hour away from our home. The drive didn't bother me much, I enjoyed the quality radio time I was getting.

My life had worked itself into a nice routine. School and work kept me busy during the week and most of my weekends were free to be young. That is until I received a small box that changed it all.

On this winter day, I got home from my day like I usually did. My first order of business was to find my beautiful wife and give her a kiss. Today she wore a big smile and handed me a small box with a ribbon on it. This is weird. There is no scheduled reason for this present.

I could never let a box like this last too long with opening it. I pulled the tail on the ribbon and let if fall away. Lifting the cover off the box revealed something I never expected. Inside that box was a tiny baby bib that said 'I love my Daddy!'

Seven months later, my lovely bride was walking a tightrope. She has a preexisting condition that when mixed with a growing fetus was causing her to battle for her life while nurturing our unborn baby. We even had a talk that no young husband ever wants to hear.

The team of doctors looking out for my wife were fighting a battle. Everyone was playing this sick game of chicken. Keeping the pregnancy going long enough for our baby while watching my wife's health deteriorate. I like to gamble, but this was sick.

With 5 weeks to go in the pregnancy, the doctors looking out for my wife pulled the plug and said it was time, either we induce now, or we risk the mother. The baby doctors agreed that the baby should be big enough to be out of the woods. I chimed and said "Just get it done. I want the jackpot...I want both of them!"

9 years ago today, I became a father. I held her in my arms and for the first time in my life, I was filled with a love like I had never known.

I love you OhPrincess - Happy Birthday!!!

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Michael said...

Dude, that post brought tears to my eyes. Seriously.

jamyhawk said...

Yes. Tears.

What a great Jackpot to get!

Riggstad said...

Happy Birthday princess! and congratualtions to you and your wife!

very nice post!

RaisingCayne said...

Yes, good post, (although I do not like to publically admit having emotions.)

Do you seriously make her wear a t-shirt that says "my Dad rocks" ??? Or are you going to try and convince your readers she chooses to wear it herself. Let me guess, you bought yourself a 'World's Best Dad' coffee cup too you modest Pa you.

Memphis MOJO said...

What a great post, thanks for sharing it.

Mark said...

Very touching post! My daughter was born a little over 9 years ago as well. I still remember watching the birth and as she came out she turned her head towards me with her eyes closed, then opened them for the very first time and looked right at me. My heart melted instantly!

lightning36 said...

Great post, bro. Only those of us who have dealt with a wife's difficult pregnancy can know what that hell is like. Glad to see things worked out well. Looking back only makes it that much sweeter. : 0 )