Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ha! Here's my TPS report sans-coversheet - bastages!

My poker blog has been so silent lately. That's funny, cause I haven't really been playing that much poker either. Well, that's not entirely true, but I haven't been playing that much notable poker lately. Even my poker blog reading has been slacking lately. Did anyone look at the calendar? For the love of Pete, where did the summer go?

As Drizz posted about just the other day, here in God's country, we are about to start up a tradition like no other: The Minnesota State Fair. For all you poor suckers that have never been to our little shindig, it's unlike any other state fair anywhere. You see, ours is HUGE. Not just big, no HUGE. To top off it's ginormous size, it's got everything you've ever eaten deep fried and on a stick. Where else can you get a BUCKET of chocolate chip cookies and then go find the all-you-can-drink milk stand.

Drizz...our plan is to be there Sunday (this coming weekend). I'll be the middle-aged guy with two kids, wife and eating something that will make my cardiologists eyes light up with anticipation for a huge payday. If are going to be there...let me know!

Bourbonators was this past Wednesday. I was super tired and played supre bad.

The bar I normally play poker league at has hosted the last two Fridays with a $50 payout for first the last two weeks. Decided to see what if felt like to play 85% of the hands. It felt like a rollercoaster. Going home early was nice.

My online bankroll is sitting at a level I've never been to before. Which will be great when I actually have time to play for more than an hour and a half in one day while not folding laundry, cleaning the kitchen AND tucking the kids into bed. I'd be looking for me to hit the bigger buy-in tournaments soon. I has tokens and I ain'ts afraid to use them.

I have been catching up on my poker TV divoing. I was really excited to see Erick Lindgren win his first bracelet. His play was fantastic and the table didn't seem to have too many soft spots. I was most impressed at his ability to stay focused and get maximum value for his hands every time. In the end when he won, his sincerity was apparent. That man really just wanted to win a bracelet. Congrats to him. He was about as gracias a winner as I've ever seen.

Hope to see you on the felt, or at the fair!


Drizztdj said...

I gotta work on Sunday at PokerStars :(

Otherwise I'd be out there again to see ya.

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