Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Summer's Last Breath

I can tell summer is just about over. The Minnesota State Fair is underway and my oldest daughter is anxious to get back to school. This leaves precious little time to enjoy our short season...and thus, sacrifices are made.

I haven't been playing a lot of poker. A few sit-n-gos here and there and my favorite blogger tournament, The Friday Night Donkament and that's about it. We had a blast last week as usual. Bdidde and I chopped first and second place. Seems we both had a good return on that tournament. I bought in for ~$8. Just wish that once and a while, I'd make the cut for the side bets on the winner. I seem to always be..."The Field." Funny thing...Bdidde and I were the field when the betting started. We weren't even in the win/place/show phase. Suckas! Well played to all of the final table. Some tough competition and fantastic conversation!

If you aren't playing, you really need to consider it. Bam-bam's recent post does try to describe it, but I'll add what I like about it. It's just plain fun. The chat window is usually scrolling by faster then I can read and the one liners are zinging. This is a rebuy tournament. It's fairly cheap, so the rebuys are plenty and the suck outs historic. That's the therapy. You shove it in with monster like K7o and realize that you might be ahead...only to loose to the 3 deuce on the river. After the rebuy period, you are now sitting at a deep stack table with people that know how to play cards, but don't worry, the jokes just keep coming.

Tonight, I start a new 8 week poker league. We'll see how it goes. Seems this time we are fighting out for a poker cruise. Could be fun. Could be some of the sickest poker ever played. I hope to just keep learning from it and figure out how to keep myself focused. It gets hard to stay on track when it takes 8 weeks to get to the first step in getting the prize. But hey, it's live poker.

With one more week of summer to go, I'm not really sure I'll be on the virtual felt much, but you never know. I might be tuning in to a tournament you are playing and drop you a BOOM! You just never know.


dmarks said...

"Our state fair is a great state fair. Don't miss it, don't even... be late".... I remember the ads for the Minnesota State Fair. I was there in 2004. It was a blast.

BamBam said...

Thank you for the nice comment and please know this, thanks to the link I'm about to add for here, I'm about to stop by a little more frequently.