Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Goals can be good - Aspirations for 2008

2007 is a year I can be proud of. I learned a lot and I even made some money. So now I look to 2008 and think about what I would like to accomplish next.

Goal 1: Learn to play Pot Limit Omaha. I know the simple part of Omaha, its poker...I get that. What I'd like to learn is how to play it well. I've got 2 games I'm comfortable with NLHE and Razz, its time to add PLO.

Goal 2: Become proficient in the cash games. I suck at online ring games. This needs to change.

Goal 3: Win another blogament. I got the Mookie and the experience of that tournament has me thinking that if I want to step up my game, these tournaments will help. They are a cheaper way to play really quality players. I plan to be in a lot more of these in the coming months.

Goal 4: Improve my writing skills. This year, I'm starting a new habit. I will reread my posts BEFORE hitting the publish button. Geez, I went to college. I graduated. I know how to write. I just need to do a much better job at it. Short-stacked Shamus writes such great posts, I'd like to write a response to the Rumble that comes close.

Goal 5: Win the Minnesota Poker League State Championship. I've qualified for the tournament, now its time to take it down. (If I win this one, the new goal is to take down the Shooting Star at the Bay 101...yeah, I know, lots of luck at that)

Goal 6: Play in a live tournament with a 3 figure buy-in. I'd really like to take a shot at the WSOP satellite that comes to the area.

Goal 7: Finish reading more books. I started the books with vigor this year, but then it took me forever to finish them. I need to just git-r-done.

I think to sum up my aspirations for 2008, it's to become more disciplined. To hon my self-control and use the noodle inside my skull.