Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ode to Leonidas

Spartan King Leonidas is portrayed in the film 300 as a most heroic character who defies the orders of his corrupt senate and religious leaders to defend the nation of Greece from the advancing hordes of Persians.

The Spartans were fierce warriors and took great pride in their abilities to fight. As their King, Leonidas was a proud and exceptional leader. He leads his men with respect and as a great leader will never ask of his men that which he's unwilling to do himself.

Leonidas takes 300 of the armies best men, all with male heirs to carry forth their names, on a stroll through the countryside. Everyone knows, he's going to kick some Persian butt.

In the end, they do bring on a serious can of whoop ass and put a serious crimp in the desires of King  Xerxes. Xerxes still kills almost all of them, but not before a mountain of dead freaks is piled on the sea shore.

What does this have to do with poker or a poker blog? Probably nothing, but if I can still count, this is post 300 and I really liked the movie 300. What can I say, I like history and movies with gobs of violence.

This blog is nothing like what I set out to do. My good friend, Bodie25 had started one of these things and talked me into it. May 2, 2007, I put up my first post. To be perfectly honest, I had visions of winning that state poker tournament, going deep at the WSOP Main Event and then having this blog be "the chronicle of it all." Just think of the ad revenue?

I was so young.

What this did become is a place for me to vent, cheer, report, joke and laugh. I've met some really awesome people, some in person but most through comments. I had no idea there was a poker blogger community when I started this. Heck, I didn't even know what rakeback was (could explain why I don't have it...D'oh!)

I've done a really crappy job of tagging my posts. I've got that post list thing on the right, but if you are looking for something in particular, forget it. Organizing that mess should have been a New Years Resolution, or not. Anyone use those?

TripJax just posted his 666th post. Sweet jeebus. Shamus has over 700 now. I've watched some others cross the 1000 post mark. I'm happy with my 300. It's a good start.

So, how do you celebrate a blogaversary? I've been thinking about this for a little while. I could finish my recap of the Winter Gathering. I've only gotten through the first 24 hours (here & there), but, nah. I could do a give away...but I'm too cheap. Let's just do a retrospective like all of my favorite TV shows do...

The two most popular posts of all times are about the same thing: my deep disappointment with Poker Tracker 3 (here & there). According to Google Analytics, they account for the vast majority of readers that find this site through a search engine. My review of Poker Tracker 3 was not very positive. Strange, but they've never tried to get me to take them down or improve my rating. If search Google for "Poker Tracker 3" - the 3rd entry is my "Buyer Beware" posts. Sweet!

As shocking as this will be for everyone, I'm a stats geek. Google Analytics show the usage in general, but what are the most popular posts according to Feedburner? Well, that's kinda hard to say. I went through the conversion process and now the Use Stats are missing their pages. Crap! But alas, the number #1 post for use is new enough to be listed. My Noob's Recap of the trip to the Pinball Hall of Fame is the most view/clicked post of them all. Very cool! What a fantastic tribute to a totally awesome day!

Finally, if you been with me since the beginning (hehehe...yeah, right), you already read these, if not, here are my favs:
  • Well, winning the Mookie ROCKS! This post was fueled by exhaustion and lack of sleep. I haven't read it in ages, but hey, a Mookie win is da bomb!
  • Even though I will openly admit to absolutely detesting the hand of the devil, I will continue to play AQ as if it wasn't cursed. I confessed to playing it and winning.
  • One of the posts I had the most fun writing was "A 'D' lister's Mookie Recap" When I'm playing good poker, the Mookie is a place a love to play. This recap was me expressing some pretty raw thoughts about poker. Heck, I even took a shot at Hoy. Not sure if he ever read it, but it's my blog :)
  • For the 'D' Listers. Sweet, sweet blogger money.
Those are the ones that really caught my attention tonight. I'd love to know what are other people's favorites, or even the ones you hated the most.

I sucked at the Mookie last night. Even had the joy of playing for a couple of minutes after my youngest daughter spray painted the stairs with the chicken dumpling soup she ate for dinner (seriously, why is the toilet the one thing in the house the kids can't hit when they puke?). Not that I played well before that, but I think Miami Don enjoyed the J9 shove I tried, if only for a couple of minutes.

I really just want to thank everyone that's read and/or commented on my ramblings. I appreciate everything that everyone but the spammers have said. That chick the Loooooves the blogs...not so much. I really enjoy blogging, and while it's fun, I'll keep doing it. 

Again, thank you!


nonna said...

hey you twitter-napped me to your poker blog you sneak! lol

congrats on the 300 and i was all, wtf is up with the history lesson at first hehe

cmh76 said...

congrats on hitting #300. i'm glad i found your great little blog. you can count me in on being around to read your next 300. cheers.

Riggstad said...

SPARTANS!! What do you do for a living???


Memphis MOJO said...

Ccongrats on your 300th! I'm not sure which post is my favorite, as they're always good quality -- thanks for sharing with us!

OhCaptain said...

Thanks everyone!

Riggs - I told you I'd bring more soldiers.

BamBam said...

My favorite is the one about meeting up with Kat, Riggs, Peb's and I at EH-Vegas.





It's OK..... I have tons of patience. You can take 'till like March 20th. or something to write it. I can wait.




TripJax said...

'grats on the 300th post. i have the movie 300 on my iPhone. i watch it when i need some good blood and guts action or quick female boobies to check out (the hot wife).

lightning36 said...

I appreciate the significance of 300 in your life. I predict that the Twins will have a .300 winning percentage in 2009 -- about what they deserve. : o P

Drizztdj said...

Come back when you hit 1,000 here.


Congrats sir :)

smokkee said...

gg getting to 300 posts. the movie rawks. i've never really paid much attn to how many posts i've blurted out but just checked and see it's at 773 which 700+ are mostly pure crapola.