Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The State of Minnesota Seeks to Embarrass Self...Again

It would appear that this fine state hasn't suffered enough through the drawn out court fight for our U.S. Senate seat. The Department of Public Saftey: Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division will now public humiliate us again. Running headlong into the problem that the statute they wish to enforce covers telephone calls for the purpose of making book in a sports bet. Have they learned nothing from all of the other states that have tried this. Not to mention that it's quite possible that the UIGEA could be revoked and legalized gambling be federalized?

Thank you for your efforts to protect the fragile Indian and state run gaming interests by employing protectionist practices that have been so soundedly defeated in the South...the SOUTH. The Bible belt can't even get these to stick.

Again, I submit, I'm embarrassed for my state. OK...I'm ranting. I'll post more later when the shock has worn off and my blood stops boiling.


lightning36 said...

More competition between us?

You're lucky that a judge considered Blago a flight risk and wouldn't let him go to Costa Rica to be in a reality show ... or I would pwn you again.

Oh wait ... speaking of former governors ... I forgot about the boa ...

StB said...

But they are only trying to protect you. Keep those greedy gambling companies from taking advantage of you and stealing your money.

Astin said...

What StB said. I mean, just last night, Full Tilt took $11 (US!) of my hard-earned money. Scandalous!

Word verification: gyrofas. That's totally a Dr. Who alien... or should be.

Whitewolf2000 said...

I Rather Think the state of Minnesota should bud out of what i like to do with my personal time. By doing this They are going to cause people to gamble underground which will not stop this. Prohibition never worked