Wednesday, August 1, 2007

OK…I didn’t really want to play poker anyway…

Last night marked the shortest live poker experience of my life.

Poker league returned after a one week hiatus. I was excited to get back to the felt. I had a list of things to try out. I was keeping on the aggressive theme. Bodie25 had reminded me of Gavin Smith poker. I was hoping to play lots of little pots, and take the ones no one wanted.

First hand gets dealt. Hmm…it's 2 jacks. Cool! I never get pocket pairs bigger than a 4. I raise to 75. Blinds are at 25/25…it's the first hand. The guy to my left reraises to 150. Everyone folds. I call. I've seen this guy go deep several times this summer, but I've never spent more than 15 minutes at a table with him and it's always been late…him with a mountain of chips and me looking for a way to make a pile or blind out.

The flop comes K J 6 rainbow. I checked, he raised to 75, this seemed really small to me, so I reraised to 150. He goes all in. Now, damn it, there are exctaly 3 card combinations that can beat me. All are kings, but I seriously believe he'd make this same play with AK, AQ, AJ, KJ, QJ. BUT THIS IS THE FIRST HAND!

As has been my dealings with the poker gods…he turns over KK. Anyone seen the case J?


♠ bodie25 ♠ said...

There is one other hand that would have cost you the pot - what is it?

[Jeopardy Theme]

♠ bodie25 ♠ said...

There is one other hand that would have cost you the pot... name it -

[Jeopard Theme]

♠ bodie25 ♠ said...

What the F, approving comments? I'm going to keep commenting until they appear!

OhCaptain said...

My blog keeps getting spammed. I was sick of it. I keep rejecting them...but they keep spamming right back. Sorry about that.