Monday, August 13, 2007

My weekend on the felt

Well...the weekend started great at Full Tilt Poker. I cashed in 3 out of 5 9 person sngs I played in. Then...I didn't cash in the next 4 straight. I still have a leak that cost me my the first loss...I called a guys all in with top pair and ok kicker. He'd hit 2 pair. And the worst part was my spidey sense was going crazy screaming "Fold! Fold!" so I called. Again, I overplayed my hand and should have folded it when he came over the top.

I might be looking at changing things up for a bit. I've played something like 300 of these tournaments, I have a winning record, but I can't just keep grinding them out. I'm seriously considering spending some time on the 180 person MTT tournament sng. Just for a looksie. I really enjoy MTTs, and should play in more of them. I just for so long considered the STT my bread and butter.

Tomorrow night is the one night only Heads Up Tournament for the MN Poker League. I'm really looking forward to this. This weekend, when I did cash, I either finished 3rd or 1st. That's a pretty good feeling. I'm very confident in my HU game. I look forward to this tournament to try playing HU live. I've only done it twice live, once with a drunk (lost to Mrs. Bodie15 - she'd had plenty of wine and turned into an calling station), once to a tourist and we played one hand (lost with AK vs K6), once at league against Bodie25 (sorry...won that one!). While it may seem I've lost most of these, I played them very well (I think), and the cards went bad. The first 2, I was a serious short stack. This tournament, we start out with the same number of chips and smaller blinds, so I can afford to sit back for a while and watch.

All in all, I CAN'T WAIT!