Sunday, August 19, 2007

Vacation - precious little time

Bodie25 and I took the families on vacation. The wives seem to think this vacation should be about something more than poker. Apparently, family vacation aren't supposed to be about poker...who knew. (j/k).

I've had a lousy run at the felt lately. I seem to have lost any hope of cashing in the sng, and as usual...the ring game leaves me baffled.

I played a sng this morning (everyone is sleeping - hehe), and I cashed! It was only a 3rd place finish, but at least one monkey is off my back.

I felt very relaxed playing today. Got some cards to help with, but for the most part, I just stayed away from the morons. I even had the nerve to lay down KK.

In that hand, there were still 7 people at the table, and the sheer number of completely donkey plays going on was baffling. (We got to the bubble in 25 hands). The blinds are only at 20/40 when I got the cowboys. OTG raises on BB. I raised him another BB just to see if he wanted to dance. I probably would have folded to an all-in, but anything else, we see the flop. No one else joins in and he just calls. The flop comes 6Q♠A♠. The Villian raises pot (300). I thought about his for a while. He very well could be bluffing, but then again it's donkey time and has A7 might be good. I really didn't want to die with only cowboys, so I folded.

Early on in sit-n-gos, do any of you fold or even push preflop with cowboys? It seems to me to be a way to hit the rail early.