Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another Tuesday night...

This is week whatever at Brother's Poker League. The census is down and for some reason, nothing is going my way. I couldn't have been more card dead last night. I went 2 full orbits without a card bigger than an 8. I stole a little, but for the most part, every hand had at least 4 people in it and frankly, when you look down and find J2o for the umteenth time in a day, I just gave up the hand before first break.

I'm of course in the BB in the last hand before break. UTG raises 1 BB. He's a punk kid, lots of tatoo, and those ever expanding gross earings where the earlob gets all stretched...yuck! Flopr was A 7 4. What the heck...I got dealt we get it all in. I figured he had an ace, which he did, and no one would ever lay down an ace at poker league (I hadn't been dealt one in an hour). He had AQo, which of course is a monster...and he can't wait to get it all in. I miss all 7 of my outs and go home.

This online thing is getting to be a lot more fun. I played 2 $1.25 45 person sngs. The first one, I blinded out...continuing my decline into card dead hell. When I did get an Ace with a card bigger than a 5, the flop so completely missed me, that there is just no way I'm dying with ace high with no draw.

The second tournament, the card death continued until we got down to 2 tables. At first, I was just stealing and restealing at will...that was fun, and then, I finally got a few hands! I really had a good read on the guys at the final table. I played very patient and got my chips in ahead every time. I took it down!

This level is really helping my bankroll. I'm almost back to par. In this type of tournament, my ROI has dropped a smidge. But it's still encouraging. I cash 38% of the time and have an ROI of 173%. Too bad the stakes are small...I could retire!