Thursday, September 20, 2007

Last Night - A Freeroll

Bodie25 used to talk me into playing freerolls with him before he got some real cash. These are a strange, strange way to play poker and I'm not sure they are really good for you to play in the long run.

The basic concept of a freeroll is there is a prize that people want, but risk nothing but time to get. The most common strategy you see is to keep pushing all in until you have a large pile of chips. That's about it. To describe the play as "Loose" is kinda funny. This is just plain insane. People will move in with any 2 cards and hope for the best.

So last night, I outlasted 2672 people by basically folding and watching for players that were selective in the hands they played. These people provide the best time to push all-in and get some value. Last night, until we were done to 90 people, did I ever play a hand that wasn't premium. AK was about as loose as I got. Drawing hands are worthless here. You won't have the chance to see the flop, because everyone will be all-in prior to the cards hitting the you want a made hand. But don't be suprised to see people with any range in there with you.

I think playing this actually brought back some leaks when I got to the money tables again later in the night. Since people were playing tighter by comparison, I started over valueing my hands and taking risks that weren't smart. I adjusted back, but for the most part...I think it made me dumber. I'm now more excited than ever to play in the cash money actually get think!