Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Search for the meaning of poker league

I'll be honest, last night; I really didn't care much about the poker in poker league. I'm pretty thoroughly frustrated playing in a bar league. You play about 10 hands an hour, so you can't play tight, you will never see a hand. You can play looser, but if you don't have the nuts by the river, forget about it, they are calling you all the way. Every move you make, you risk losing your stack do some moron feeling lucky.

I busted out pretty early last night. Basically I was frustrated and didn't really care. I figured I had a decent hand with a fair chance of winning. The blinds are 25/25 (yep, first level) and baldy on my right raises to 75. He'll raise with any paint or pocket pair. Heck, he's even told me and I quote..."I don't get it, I raise with a monster like A T..." wasn't aware that was a monster...but oh well. I squeeze KQ.'s early position and I've found I can't really wait for a better hand in this league. So I call. Well Manicured guy that I lost the heads up tournament raises to 300. Now, my experience with him is he likes to be tricky. He can also raise any time he thinks others are weak. Baldy and I both call. The flop come K97 rainbow. Baldy checks, I raise all in with top pair. I only had 1050 left so it was either pot for 950 or put it all in. Well Manicured guy about instantly calls. Of course he had AK and as it turns out, Baldy had KJ. This is about my luck.

The part that frustrates me the most is watching the sheer volume of hands won with second pair or high cards...and I enter a pot to find that I'm drawing almost dead with KQ every time. Just one week, I'd like to actually play in a pot where I'm not dominated every time I put chips in the middle.

The only other hand I played...I had 99. I lost to TT. Nice. I really need to play some cards outside of this group...maybe I can talk Bodie25 into a little travel time soon. I hear there is some big game at one of the local hotels...a change of scenery could do me some good.