Friday, September 28, 2007

AIPS II Event #9 - Let's just start with...

I hate limit hold'em. I play almost exclusively NLHE and Razz. Gawd, I love razz, but I digress. I played in this tournament...the first private tournament I have ever played in. It was being run by the best poker podcast from Florida. Ante Up! And had some short lived fun and even made my way to the leader board for a while.

I moved up in chips quite quickly to start. I was playing tight/agressive poker. I build my way up to #2 on the leader board with ~3500 in chips. And then...I pissed them all away. Mostly because....I decided to be a chip limit...with little blinds and no hope of winning.

I do believe that had I just stuck to my plan and played patient'd be seeing my name in lights. Lesson learned...let's hope I can someday learn to stick to my plan.

To be honest...I lost the most money when I had KK UTG and got donkey called all the way to the river by a guy holding A6. He had paired his ace. Why don't I lay these things down? I knew he had an ace I could tell he was keeping the pot small by check/calling...but no...I can spike a K and make him cry...whatever.