Thursday, January 17, 2008

2 nights of private tornaments

Last night was The Mookie. My first one since winning it the last week of December. I was excited to get back to the virtual felt with the other bloggers, but I just knew it was going to be one of those nights I should close the lid on the laptop.

My youngest daughter was up all night the night before with an ear ache. I hate excuses, but I also know that when I'm tired, I get a short fuse and do something stupid.

I was getting great cards all before the break. I had AA 3 times. Don't tell Chad. The best part of getting aces is of course getting them cracked. I called an all-in from a stack that wasn't that short, around 1000 chips. What a sight to see...the guy had ducks! Well, 3 of the first 4 cards were also clubs, I had the guy to a one outer...and of course the 2 of spades hits the river.

Shortly after that, I moved to a new table. I got sandwiched between 2 LAG players. I was still pretty much steaming from the aces getting cracked. With Numbono on my left and PirateLawyer on my right, I did something I knew was just plain stupid, while I was doing it. PirateLawyer limps from the button, I complete from the LB and Numbono raises one bet from the BB. We all call. I have 45o and catch a 5 on the flop. The flop has 2 clubs. PirateLawyer raises 2 bets, I re-raise to 1200 and Numbono calls. Did I mention he's also the massive chip leader? Needless to say a 3rd club comes on the turn. He pushes the all in button and I call...I call with bottom pair. WTF! Gawd! I didn't even want to play that hand and now I'm on the rail. Much swearing followed.

Let's move on to tonight. AIPS III Event #1. Limit Hold'em. Need I say more. I ran up the chips early. Moving up quickly and taken some nice pots...the donked it all away. Finishing 140th out of 155. Got a nice pot out of Lee Childs early on only to have him take me out later in the tournament. Not that you'd need to be scared of a guy 195 chips moving them all in when the blinds are 80/160. His pocket 3s flopped a set against my pocket jacks. Gawd! I love limit hold'em! At least I had Columbo on my left for most of the tournament.

I still had fun and look forward to more of these to come! I'm absolutely stoked for June...RAZZ! Next month might be good as well. Stud. I'm beginning to understand stud.

Stay tuned! Tomorrow OhCountess and I head to Fargo! Live poker!


bodie25 said...

Good luck in Fargo man. I want updates!