Saturday, January 19, 2008

Good Morning Fargo

The sun is coming up, but doesn't seem to be doing much in terms of the tempurature. It's 22 below zero (-22° F). This is brutaly cold, even for a native Minnesotan. By the sounds of it, there is even snow down in Georgia and Mississippi. Good luck with that boys!

I slept OK. I was a little leary of this hotel when we got here. We were told when we were checking in that there was a big hockey tournament near here and a lot of people were staying here. I just didn't want to hear about a hotel full of kids. But as it turns out, they are 10-11 year olds...yeah! Kids that WILL sleep.

Registration for the tournament starts at 11 AM. This hotel is about a half mile away, so we are just relaxing. I think I'll be heading down for some free breakfast here shortly.

When we went to the venue last night, I tracked down some free wi-fi in the building. Oh how I love weak IT departments. There is an extremely good chance that some live blogging will be going on today.

Live poker will be awesome! We still have a few more hours if anyone has any good advice. Remember, if I win this tournament, you will all be invited to the party!