Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Players Only Poker - Freeroll

As is typical for me, when I try out a new poker site, I usually go cheap and try the free stuff first to make sure I can find my way around and actually play some poker. I'd seen enough ads for Players Only Poker to know that it looked to be another poker site. Good or bad, I just don't know.

I'm generally a Full Tilt player. I like their software. The user interface is intuitive and things, for the most part, just work as expected...most of the time. But, I'm not the kind of consumer that doesn't like to check out the grass on the other side of the fence.

The first thing you notice about Players Only, the use a lot of flash on the web site. It looks nice and the babes are hot, but frankly, I hate it when flash makes me wait. Oh well, they have a quick link to the poker software. I downloaded it, installed it and got an account set up pretty quickly.

Much like Full Tilt, the software made it pretty easy to find my way around. I found out pretty quick they are indeed running a "Million Dollar Freeroll". Hmm...that sounded like fun and free on a new site is always good. I signed up for it but was surprised to learn that it wasn't filling all that quick. Most of the time when I think freeroll, I assume I have about 5 minutes to get registered, this, not so much.

When the play started it seemed to have a tournament lobby like Poker Stars and tables like Party Poker. The buttons on the table were easy to use and well labeled. Probably the thing I hated the most was the lobby just didn't seem to refresh very often. In order to get more accurate results in the lobby, I had to close the window and open it back up. The table interface appeared to lose connection numerous times and then BAM! I'm sitting out and missed a hand. There wasn't much feedback for connection problems.

The players in this freeroll were quite possible the worst poker players ever assembled. At first, 70% of the field was sitting out. The 2 live ones I had at the table, were extremely timid. This allowed me to accumulate chips quickly. With so few people on the table, I'd raise preflop with anything and the continuation bet the flop to take it down. My favorite part was how many people would limp with a big pair, and then push after the flop. I'd made the straight, so a call was in order...thanks for playing!

This was pretty much the softest freeroll I have ever played. Most of the ones on FTP usually just consist of maniacs. I met very little maniac but a ton of LP players. The top ten from this freeroll go on to the big one where the money is. I finished 3rd...so I'll probably see if I can play the next tournament.

To sum it up, it seems to be poker software based on everyone else. Nothing really new here, but it did actually work.