Wednesday, January 16, 2008

In preparation for the State Poker Championship - I fold

Do you ever sometimes just know its going to be a long night?

It was back to the felt last night in what will probably be my last live session for sitting down for the Minnesota State Poker championship in the Minnesota Poker League. A lot of people wished me well last night, which was really cool. Unfortunately, the cards were pretty cool all night as well.

Early on, I had some cards and won some pots. Usually with top pair, nothing extraordinary. I hit the sucker straight once...I didn't bet it; out of position, it hit on the river, any jack would take it down and it was 4 way pot, but none the less, I had healthy looking stack at first break.

The night seemed to be foreshadowed by my first 3 hands. I drew the ace to start the night, so I get to deal. I dealt myself 92o. Okay...not interested. It was almost a family pot, but still, its 92o.

The next hand, I'm dealt 2 spades. A nine and a deuce. Sweet! I folded that one too.

The next hand I'm dealt 2 hearts. A nine and a deuce. Sweet! I folded that one too.

The next hand I'm dealt 2 black cards. One a spade, the other a club. A nine and another nine, but now I'm in middle position and a known LAG is in the BB. I just call. The flop comes AKQ all hearts. I folded this one too. Lots of betting. Chips are flying. I'm no where near playing that hand.

This pretty much sums up the night. When I was in position, there was usually at 3 raises a head of me and the ubiquitous 9 in the hole.

I've got no bad beat stories. No hero calls. Not even a "can you believe that donkey called me" hand. Just a long string of crappy cards.

Some nights are like this. I lasted about 2 and half hours and got home early. It was nice to see OhCountess before she fell asleep for the night. We watched some TV and I got to play a little online poker. I even made a little money.

Tonight, I plan on returning to the Mookie! I haven't had a chance to play it since I won it in December. Do you think it would tilt Hoy if I took it down in 2 of my first 3 attempts? OK, that would be hilarious. I doubt my skills are that good, but a guy can dream!


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