Saturday, March 1, 2008

Co-ed Invitational VI - How many people can we fit in the basemen?

Wow! Thanks to everyone that came last night! We had the biggest turn out in the history of our basement!!!

26 runners ponied up $10 for 6th Co-ed Invitational. We even had a guest poker blogger show up making this, as far as I know, the single largest gathering of Rochester poker bloggers in blogging history. Besides yours truly, PokerFool and Bodie25 rounded out this gathering.

Hopes were high going into this even. My track record had been quite impressive. I had final tabled all previous tournaments. As a good host, I've never won my own tournament. Is that what good hosts do?

I only own 2 poker tables. So with the help of a Bourbonator that couldn't make it, we packed everyone in.

The tournament management software set everyone to a table. Interestingly, each blogger was on a different table. The only hope for a blogger up against a blogger was if we could final table together.

The first table I played at had a mix of newbies and experienced players. Not so fun was the fact that some how, the standard opening raise in early/middle position was for 6X the BB.
I was a bit disoriented by this. Continuing on my stretch of being pretty well card dead, I missed some opportunities to win some big pots because I chose to play this a little tight.

On hand in particular I chose to fold from the CO had UTG raising to 150, MP raiser to 500, a call and me looking at KQh in the CO. Sure, I would have had a full house, but my goodness! That's a lot of chips for so early in the tournament.

I did survive to the collapse of the 3 tables to 2. But not much longer. I sent ATo into KJh and lost to a pair of jacks. The insta-call with KJ was a bit of surprise, I figured I'd run into a big hand.

PokerFool busted before me, but the fun was had in watching Bodie25 play some fantastic poker and looks to be returning to his form of old. He played his game up until go heads up with the winner, being the last player to go busto.

I've included some pictures of the night. Some of these were taken by Rian, the wife of a fellow Bourbonator.

This final picture is of our winner. Posing with OhCountess for the money presentation. Congrats to the Winner Bonnie!

I played the cash game for the rest of the night, while continuing the duties of the tournament director. My software crashed and I lost the whole tournament. That absolutely sucked. The cash game, on the other hand, did recoup my loss in the tournament. Yes, OhCaptain made money on the cash game.

OhCountess was upstairs schooling anyone and everyone in the finer points of Easy mode Guitar Hero III.

OhCountess and I would like to thank everyone for coming and we hope that fun was had by all.

Until the next one. Bring your Visa cards, I'll be better prepared and taking names!


Drizztdj said...

Shoot me an email next time you do this, I might make the trek with fellow blogger.

mjvance said...

Thanks for hosting again. It was a blast. I felt kind of bad because I spilled a little beer on one of the folding tables. We were quick to clean up, but if there was any permanent damage, let me know. Again, good post, and I look forward to the next one. We'll have to look into getting a neighborhood game going sometime.

- the one who walked there