Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Confession

I have some words of advice for all you aspiring poker players out there. If you see me approaching a ring game at Full Tilt Poker, your luck is about to change. If you are in the pot against me, you will hit every card you've ever needed. And for a bonus! I'll hit just enough to call every one of your value bets on the river.

I just finished what could be described as one of the most frustrating cash game session ever.

According to Poker Tracker, for the month of March. I've played 424 hands. My AA won the blinds, I was BB. Now that that's out of the way, the luckboxry continues. Of the 2 times I got KK, it ran into AA once. It has a winning percentage of 50%. This is so sweet!

Each time I flopped top two pair, the only other player in the hand either flopped an under set, or could easily hit their flush by the turn. I never improve.

I saw the flop 3 times and hit a full house. The full house held up at show down a whopping 33% of the time. I was 1 for 3 with full houses. I should hold out for a better hand.

I got quads once, that was cool. No one else had a hand. I got the BB. He folded to my min raise on the river. Frickin' Awesome!

I did get to 3 of a kind 3 times. All 3 times it went to show down, it lost. I better wait for a better spot.

My biggest leak appears to be 2 pair. It only wins 8% of the time. Which is not surprisingly worse than if I play a pair to the river. It wins 9% of the time.

I did appear to be the loosest guy at the tables. My VP$IP is 20%. Easily the loosest guy at the micro stakes.

I need to ask, should I be considering ditching a full house a third of the time? Over the course of 7 hours, is it normal to only be dealt cards that hit a flush 5 times? (Everyone that plays me can hit them at will) How often should a suited ace actually see cards of that suit on the flop? Or even pair the ace? Is it actually possible to win money at a cash game? Could I possible be the unluckiest cash game player to ever live?

I'm starting think Gavin Smith is right, cash games are for suckers.