Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ah! We made it to the room!

Now it's time for beers down in the Geisha Bar! Al, CK, Jo, Buddy, F-
Train, CAApril, PirateLawyer...


Wolfshead said...


Riggstad said...

Have fun out there Cptn!

*beware of Al when he gets really drunk. Ad his really drunk is about 10x's worse than the regular persons "really drunk"

BamBam said...

Damn Riggs!!! Everybody's gotta' see that at least once in their lifetime!!!

Buy Al a SoCo straight up for me Capt !! I'll owe you one.

lightning36 said...

Make sure you don't partake of the hookers that hang out at or around the Imperial Palace. They are all ugly.

Oops -- wifely is along -- nevermind.

: o P