Thursday, December 18, 2008

I played PLO8 - hehehehehe

My plan for the night was to bust out of the Mookie - early, work on my Vegas Weekend Recap and get to bed early. Sounded simple enough. Crap. It's late, I got nothing written but I did bust out of the Mookie early. OhCountess was bubble girl...damn you, I forget who busted her cause I'm exhausted.

Looks like I will be playing in the World Blogger Championship of Online Poker on Poker Stars this Sunday. PLO8 is the bomb baby. Finished 29th tonight. Got a step 2 ticket (is that the same as saying I got a coupon good for roll in the hay with a hooker from the IP...yikes - what the hell do I do with that, the ticket, not the hooker, I'm happily married...geez?)

Just let it be known...before tonight, I've maybe played PLO8...once or twice, unless it was during the folding portion of a HORSE tournament.

How did I do it? I played tournament strategy poker. I raised crappy looking flops, and won the pot, or raised with a hand I thought might be strong (yeah, like I know what that is) and then continuation bet the flop hard when it looked crappy and disconnected. What exactly any of this means, I have no idea.

Thanks to Lightning, PokerFool and Scott25 and everyone else that railed me!

See ya Sunday!


lightning36 said...

You're rising to become the captain of the bloggers?? Excellent job tonight. Hope I can join you in the championship game.

OhCaptain said...

Thanks lightning!

I think the key is to fold and to fold often.

I hope I see you at the finals!

Short-Stacked Shamus said...

Congrats, OhCaptain! Glad to see you make it.

Gentleman Jim said...

See, PLO8 isn't so hard. Nice job last night.

Memphis MOJO said...

Nice job. Do it again Sunday!