Monday, October 1, 2007

Co-ed Invitational IV

Sorry for the delay in writing this post. I gotta tell you, I was tired on Suday. That was one late night but some really fun poker! 14 people arrived at our house for a night of laughs and cards. We started the night with 2 tables of 7 and played some short-handed poker until we whittled it down to 10. At ten people, we can all fit at the 'TV Table.' We usually have a wide range of experience at the table with us, and tonight was no exception.

For some reason, I got my usual spot at 'TV Table' and Aaron's Dad to my left and Paul on my right. Aaron's Dad was kind of a wild card since this was his first night. I've played with Paul on many occassions and he's a solid player.

I continued my streak of being completely card dead. The a compulsive caller on my left, it was difficult to justify getting into too many pots since I was likely to be betting into the wind and showing down every hand. I took a couple of small pots along the way by using my extremely tight table image to keep a healthy M. I even got Bodie25 to lay down a better hand. Bodie25...this just means I respect your game and now you will notice! I wouldn't never to try to push a donkey of a hand...

The most significant pot of the night came shortly after the first table busted and Aaron sat right next to me on my left. I was UTG+1 and had decided before the cards were dealt that this hand would be an expirement in just playing the players. I raised it up with 8♠9♠ to see what we could do. At best, no one would suspect I would play this hand. I got one caller...Aaron. At this stage I know he could be playing any ace, king, queen or jack, pocket pair or suited cards...just about anything.

The flop comes 7♣88♣. That look real nice, the only thing left to do was real him in. With as much disappointment as I could must, I check. He raises 3BB, I raise to 6BB and he instantly goes all in. I think he might have a straight draw or have paired his 7. He could have a better kicker, but I really doubt it. In the past, I've watch him to this move at numerous time. He wants me I call. He turns over A 10. I've just a little bit more than doubled up!

Well this bought me a huge pile of chips. I stole some blinds and found myself in 3rd place! I went the Dr. Neau...I am the most consistent finisher of anyone that plays. Finishing deep every time. Thankfully...this one paid...bubbling still sucks.

The tournament was won by Jon. Here's OhCountess presenting him with the trophey and the cash!

He couldn't have been more excited to get it over...the cash game was heating up and calling his name!

In second place was Paul. You can just see the disappointment in his face! So close, but no cigar.
The biggest winner of the night, however was Bodie25. You've never seen someone not be able to miss like this. He was on fire and on a fantastic rush and in the end...

the stack of cash and chips in front of him was impressive.
In the end, Danny shows off the look of most of the people leaving the cash game as Bodie25 makes away with most of the bootie. Thank goodness yours truly stayed away...I moved on to FTP where I gave a lesson to some poor schmucks online on how you play micro-buy-in 45 person sit-n-gos. I made enough money to cover what OhCountess had put into the night.

For those of you interested, we are currently looking at the weekend after Halloween for the next home game...this time...with COSTUMES! Let me know if that weekend works or doesn't work for you. We hope to see everyone there!
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