Friday, April 25, 2008

Captain, I don't think the Enterprise can take no more

Bad poker blogger. Bad, bad, bad.

Sorry, I've only been playing a little poker lately and have had to sit out of the blogger donkaments. And sadly, tonight I'm going out with OhCountess sans kiddos.

Let's recap the week.

Last Friday night, Bourbonators. I played crappy. I didn't see any cards. I found my inner rock star and tore up the plastic guitar playing Guitar Hero III. GAWD! I love that game!!!! Missed my new favorite tournament, Katitudes Donkament. No repeat for me as champ.

Spent the weekend with the kids while OhCountess getting ready to host baby shower at our house for her sister. Too tired from running around with the kids all day Saturday to play any poker. Sunday, ahh, Sunday. It was the first 70 degree day since the recent Ice Age began. I miss global warming. Any Minnesotan will tell you, the temp reaches 70 degree for the first time in the spring, no way in HELL you are playing poker.

Tuesday night. Poker league. I over played AKh to a guy who could let go of top pair with a J kicker. His pair of queens beat my Ace high flush/straight draw. Drawing to the nuts doesn't always work. It felt good to be home early.

Mookie on Wednesday night. Nope. I was falling asleep in the living room at 7:30...Not good. Missed it again. invited out with the wife again. So donkament. I now officially miss the donkament.

I'm sure this weekend will be all about getting ready to go to Vegas. Thanks a bunch for all the help so far! We REALLY appreciate it. Heck, if you are going to be in Vegas next weekend, let me know!

Gotta run. Babysitter is here and the wife has the van started. That's a good sign!


Riggstad said...

Dude! you haven't missed a thing.

Be thankful for the break!

See you at the table, whenever you get there :)