Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Day Without Rain

It could very well be the winter that will never end.

Living here in Minnesota is a wonderful thing. I sometimes wish that people never find out just how amazing this place is.

And then global warming sets in.

Mother Nature is definitely dealing us sick beat after sick beat. April 10th, its been raining since yesterday, the rain is only going to stop because when it freezes in the atmosphere its not called rain any more its called snow. Its going to snow here, again. For Pete's Sake!

My mood has been pretty somber lately. The trip to the casino was a lot of fun. Since then, I've actually been spending most of my poker time on the nickel/dime NLHE tables. And after playing a few hundred hands, I can safely say...I just don't seem to get it.

I worked my way up for the month of April $12 in the cheap seats. Last night, the wheels came off, the sharks smelled the blood in the water and 2/3 of that was gone. I'd swear my cards were face up.

UTG+1, I'm dealt KK. I haven't played a hand in 4 orbits. UTG limps. I hit the pot button and raise to .45. As if to say, look!!! Mr. Tighty has raised! I bet I can bust him with {two random cards}, I'll call! With damn near a family pot, the flop come AQ7, all diamonds. I haven't got a diamond. I give up the hand. With 6 people in the pot, what are the odds that someone isn't already flushed or at least paired an ace. Ugg.

It seems to be the way my cash game is going lately. I try to play tight, but when I do see a hand to raise with, everyone at the table wants to see the flop and my two cards seem to have nothing in common with the 3 cards turned in the middle. I just don't see how you can be profitable at this.

I switched back to SNGs tonight. Played one. It felt like riding a bicycle. I just knew what to do. I only finished 3rd, but then again, I didn't really see much for cards either. Weird thing, I didn't even realize the button had burst and we were in the money. Auto-pilot was definitely engaged.

I really don't know if I'll be able to take another winter storm announcement this month. Hopefully things will start to bloom and green up around here.

We conquered our first Co-op career Hard song tonight on Guitar Hero! OhCountess and I were hi-5ing and woke up the oldest kid. Oops. Kids just don't understand.