Wednesday, April 30, 2008

There are ants in my pants - but I like it

Take yourself back to 1987. The Minnesota Twins were getting ready to charge into the playoffs, OhCaptain was a freshman at a Midwest private college and a spin-off from the Tracy Ullman show was debuting on the upstart Fox Network. This last one was a transforming event in the universe of this author.

A little know fact about me: I've watched every episode of the Simpsons since that first show in 1987.

Why am I telling you this? I have no idea. I spent part of the morning looking for a movie clip of Homer that really describes me lately. But I'll be damned, no one has spliced it together on YouTube. I was looking for some video of Homer doing the "The Happy Dance". You know, the dance with the waving hands and the bouncy feet when he's really excited.

Last night, I did something I haven't done in ages. If you are guessing its falling asleep on the couch playing a SNG, yes that happened, but that's not something new. If you are guessing its busting out of poker league by thinking I had a hand when I didn't. You are correct. How distracted am I? I thought I had 96o when in all actuality I had J9c. Wow. Nice job. Thankfully, poker for points is ghey.

The real fun last night started after I picked up my card protector and got my butt home. I got home in time to pack my suitcase for this weekend. I packed my suitcase and we don't leave until tomorrow night. Tonight, I pack my camera. In case you are interested, my other hobby appears at my photoblog. No real poker content there, some pictures of tournaments, but if you like tasteful photography, its there for ever you do.

I'm getting nothing done at work. I'm playing $1 SNGs because, my mind wonders so bad that they are about the only people bad enough that I can completely space out and still cash. Remember, OhCaptain is cheap. I like a positive trajectory in my bankroll.

Are the any places in Las Vegas, you my minions, my ginormous audience (hehe), or things you want to see you humble scribe photograph and post here? Something I'm really excited about is this trip merges almost all of my passions. My wife (yes, I love my wife), poker and photography.

There are ants in my pants. I can't get anything done. Is it the end of the work day on Thursday yet? My feet just won't stop bouncing!!!


Drizztdj said...

Try to snap a few pics from the Eiffel Tower at Paris (cost about $10 to go up, but there's 2 for 1s tickets all over the place).

Try to take some night pics from the crossing bridges.

And of course hit up the Bellagio for the nightly water show and get the casino as a back drop for some photos.

TripJax said...

Snap a few pics of the mammoth chip stack you have in front of you. That will be difficult with the no pictures rule inside casinos, but do what you gotta do.

Before DVD's (or at least before I knew about them or had any), I used to tape every Simpsons episode on VHS so I could play them back. I even had them listed in a notebook. Man I didn't feel like a nerd, but I'm starting to see some signs after the fact.

Whenever something comes up in life, I can almost always find an answer within The Simpsons or Seinfeld...

BWoP said...

Enjoy the trip!

Can't wait for the report . . .

That's the funny thing about bloggers.

What happens in Vegas . . . appears in my Bloglines the next day.

RaisingCayne said...

"Thankfully, poker for points is ghey."

I think if you were playing to win anything other than ghey pointless "points" you would've been positive of your holdings. I believe there was a part of you that didn't care to confirm that you had 96o, as you subconciously knew that even if you previously read your hand wrong, the loss wasn't going to effect you. Poker for points is ghey! I believe these poker experiences have little to no value in one's growth as a poker player! Each and every decision villains make has to be taken with a grain of salt; as any and all decisions your villains make could've been reached via an indifference to the outcome. And this is not poker as it should be. Anyway, I'm not tryin' to clown, just sayin'... poker for points is ghey.

Have a good time in Vegas! Regarding your camera inquiry: I prefer all my Vegas pictures be of hookers getting dressed as they leave my hotel room with funked up hair.

Oh, and the Simpson's rule! I'm starting to quote their episodes like scripture: "Aye Carumba" Bart 1:16, (season: episode.)