Thursday, April 17, 2008

Just a little help from my friends

Poker bloggers...ya, you guys. I'm asking for your help.

It seems OhCountess has won us a kid less weekend in Las Vegas, NV (of course its the same time frame as Weekend At Mookie's). Everything is arranged, we even got tickets to see Wayne Brady at the Venetian on Sunday night (don't ask me - it will be good, right?). So...anyone out there got recommendations about where to play a little poker? Fun things to do that AREN'T in the brochures (and hopefully are legal and not likely to give us a disease)?

Looks like the Bellagio would be, ah hum, a bit out of my price range. $4/$8 NLHE sounds cool, but the wife would fall over dead if I bought in for a grand. We are actually looking for some tournaments to try and lower stakes cash games (mixed games are fine, razz would be stellar). Hopefully in the $50-$200 range. Hopefully also run by people that know what they are doing and played by people that don't.

So, lurkers, regulars and fresh faces...please leave a comment at the beep (or where the link says..."comment") with any advice you think we should have.

This will be our second trip to Vegas. Unfortunately, the experience we gained from our honeymoon in 1996 is probably a bit dated.

Thanks for your help!!!


lj said...

not sure about mixed games, but i've generally found the 1/2 nl tables at mgm to be reasonably soft, especially on fri and sat nights. caesars runs pretty good mid-day tournaments for between 75-300 bucks (sorry, i don't know exact buy ins) w/ probably the best structure for the buy in that you'll find in vegas.

this is as of december, obv things change so i would check out that poker newspaper that all the casinos have that lists tournaments and buy ins. generally the tournaments under 70 bucks have crappy structures.

Gadzooks64 said...

I highly recommend the tournament at Planet Hollywood. I think it runs about $60 with a good structure.

If all else fails order in pron!

Mitchell said...

Harrah's runs low cost, no-limit events everyday.

Razz--no where.

Mixed games--maybe Bellagio but usually only at the highest levels. if at all.

BWoP said...

Low limit mixed games are very tough to find, but I've seen them every once in a while at Wynn (we played 4-8 - table decides games) and Venetian (didn't see mixed games there my last trip).

I agree with LJ about the MGM. On top of the fact that the play is incredibly soft, the max BI for 1/2 NL is $200. This seems to be a good max for your bankroll, compared to a place like Caesars (1/3 NL with a $500 max) or Wynn (1/2 NL *uncapped*).

Good luck!

OhCaptain said...

Thanks guys! This will really help. I will definitely be picking up a poker newspaper when we get there.

We are really excited to go!

Zooks - with the kids 1,636 miles away...I better not write about that.

We did honeymoon there...Las Vegas, CHECK!

Joanada said...

Agreed on MGM, 100%.

kurokitty said...

Low limit NLHE at MGM, as previously posted, also the Excalibur's NL$1/3 $200 cap is pretty good.

For mixed, you can try the $2/4 limit mixed game at T.I.

RaisingCayne said...

Oooh, you've really tied my hands here... So, let me know when/if you need advice on things that are NOT legal and ARE likely to cause infection, then I can help.

lightning36 said...

MGM is great for $1/2 NL. My personal favorite is Ballys. The competition there is usually weak.

Caesars is good for the lower buy-ins. Venetian might have one or two in your range.

Sahara has the best structured inexpensive tournaments, but the room is kind of scummy and catches a lot of smoke from the casino.

Drizztdj said...

Chime in for the MGM, but if you want to try out deep stacked NLHE, play the $1/$3 at Caesars.

Mixed games, Venetian had a great $4/$8 game where we played everything but hold-em. But that was during the WSOP where presumably some of these players were in town for.

And for low limit tourney fun, Sahara is prime pickings with a very slow to start structure (but ramps up fast after the break)

Lucypher said...

MGM, Caesar's, Harrah's, Treasure Island, and Excalibur all have 1-2 or 1-3 NLHE games FULL of tourists and other fishy types. Bellagio, Wynn, and Mirage have some of the toughest games/players. Good Luck!