Friday, April 4, 2008

Throwing Caution to the Wind

I played my first rebuy tournament tonight. Of course it was in the safety of a blogger donkament. I haven't had this much fun in a long time playing cards!

I usually shy away from rebuys. They are crazy things and frankly, I don't like rebuying. You see, I'm a bankroll management kind of guy and these things don't compute.

The cash game experiment has been failing miserably. I'm still working on the evidence, but it would appear that top two pair is my biggest leak. I got felted 6 times with top two pair. Ugg.

But back to Katitude's Friday Night Donkament. I'm not really sure what possessed me to play in this tonight. It might have been the Chipmunk movie on the tellie.

My first table had Julius Goat, IslandBum, ElSnarfGrande, Baywolfe, Muhctim, chitwood, HighOnPoker and Surflexus.

It was obvious from the get go that Goat and Baywolfe were aiming for the rebuy record. Unofficially, I think Goat got half of the 271 rebuys. That number may be high, but its probably close. They tell me that this was a record. I rebought twice. Yeah me!

The table chatter at this table was truly the best part of my week. If you see this line-up again at a table, this was definitely not politically correct. Well played guys!

I survived the rebuy period. Not a huge stack, like Kat or Donkette or Surflexus, but a respectable, middle of the list stack.

I don't think I really I played particularly well. I got myself in trouble a couple of times. I called an obvious value bet from Surf. Called all the min raises from Donkette with only ace high.

The tournament just ended. I can't wait to hear how Donkette bubbled. At one point in the tournament, she had 3 times as many chips as the person in 2nd. Congrats to Kat for taking down her own tournament! Seems a bit rigged to me :-)

I finally finished 6th out of 27 people. Not too shabby. Of course it only paid to 3 spots. on that. Donkette raised my button from UTG for the umpteenth time and I shoved my JTo into her AK. Turned the jack! She rivered the Ace. D'oh!

Thanks Kat for hosting. I had a lot of fun. Time for this rounder to go to bed. The Bee Movie is playing for free at a local theater. Me and Bodie25 will probably be taking the kids to that one.


ElSnarfoGrande said...

Playin this on Friday night is always fun and the table chatter always makes it better. And I completely agree with you on the spreading out the payout structure, especially with 271 rebuys.

Good game late night. Looking forward to the next one.

surflexus said...

Thanks for railing the million and the kind words :)