Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dying with your boots on - AIPS #5

Tonight was an evening of firsts for me.

I skipped Riverchasers to play in the AIPS Event #5 - NLHE Rebuy. I'm not sure I could play a rebuy yet and another tournament at the same time. Maybe some other day...

Well, this wasn't my first rebuy. Not much about this was a first. The firsts are yet to come.

I seemed to have found the worlds cheapest. tightest rebuy table in the history of rebuys. Holy crap folks, they were playing poker. Proper opening raises, folding to pressure. I ran my stack up for a while and some good cards. We all know how good cards hold up in a rebuy. Ugh.

The rebuy period ended, I successfully shifted gears to deep stack poker and started collecting chips. I got well past average stack and was cruising right along. 34 people left when this happened...

Now, that sucked. I don't there is any way I win that hand unless I just call and see the flop. Could have done that. What do you think about just calling with AA there?

On to the firsts!

Well, LivePokerRadio was alive and well tonight. I bought a new headset today and sure enough, I get it working and I got on the air. Had to adjust it a little, but I was there! Thanks to Kat, IT, Buddy and Joanada for showing me a rather short but fun time. OhPrincess2 decided she just wanted to hang out with Dad for a while. Dad's gotta do what Dad's gotta do. I will be back on the air sometime, hopefully soon! That was fun.

OhPrincess2 getting out of bed in the middle of the night to talk to Dad ain't new or a first, but participating in a PoooooooshFest is. Broke my Pooshfest virginity tonight. Thought I played it well used all of my skills. Took out Drizz on the first hand and 2 other people. Got it up to 6000 chips on the first hand. Tournament poker is where its at man! Unfortunately, I just couldn't hold back Kat and she got the better of me. 2nd in the PoooshFest sucks!

I won't be online tomorrow night. Live poker for me. Bourbonators to be exact. Booze, laughter and a little poker and if I'm lucky...Guitar Hero!!! As of right now, I expect PokerFool to be joining me.

Is it just me, or is Isabelle Mercier hot?


bodie25 said...

What do you mean there is no way you win that hand unless you call preflop? You got your money in as a huge favorite. Don't think about the hand in terms of the results. If he's willing to ship it with pocket treys, that's exactly what you wanted.

peacecorn said...

Was fun playing with you, too!