Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mookie me, mookie my - Philanthropy for dummies

It's Thursday morning, and for the first time in a while, I'm really tired. That can me only one thing. A deep run in the Mookie. What, you didn't see my name in lights? Of course not, the Mrs played. OhCountess was the first out after the bubble. Congrats hon!

So thus begins my story of philanthropy.

I was seated in the Mookie and immediately had that feeling of, "Holy Schmidt Big Mouth!" As Julius_Goat so aptly put it, "Who here HASN'T won a Mookie?" The silence was deafening. With MiamiDon, and Loretta8 on my left and Surflexus and Julius_Goat on my right, I realized that having won only ONE Mookie, I was the soft spot.

The dealer wasted no time in dealing me a nice long streak of completely less than marginal hands. Boys, I hate to tell you this, but position was all I was raising with. I had aces only once and you gosh darn nice fellas walked it to me.

Since busting from the Mookie 43rd never quite satisfies my poker desires, I headed over to the .05/.10 cash game and continued to give away my money. Fishes everywhere were enjoying the spoils of my ill gotten gains. Got top pair - called that all-in raise! You know its good! Come on - its OhCaptain there...he's never got a hand. Got an ace, stay to the river, because you'll hit aces up! After dropping two buyins in about 5 minutes, I was heard muttering, "Son of motherless goat!"

I got into the blogger cash game and found new and exciting ways to fold 93o. Left handed, right handed and sometimes I even closed my eyes. I think someday, there should be a National Folding Championship. Easy money picking me to win the thing! I rocked the fold button!

Before I go back to filling out the IOU's to people that didn't get any money from me last night, I'd like to change gears to a little more serious side.

Donkette finished here series of posts today on her recovery. Its amazing story of strength and resilience. We know here story isn't over - she's with us today and her life is just beginning! If you haven't read a post yet, do. If you know someone that needs to find a way out of addiction, slips this under their nose.

I talked to her last night about changing the tags on the posts so they are now easy to group. Here's the link to the entire series. Since I realize that my blog is without a doubt the most read popular biggest draw blog you are currently reading, I'm asking you to share the link. Cut and paste it if you want. I know a few of you that read this get a much bigger audience then me. Share it. Thank you very much!

I'm exhausted. Post Mookie Thursdays suck. Anyone seen my pillow?


DrewFours said...

It's funny, I was actually thinking 'it will be nice to get to bed before midnight' when I pushed AI with the OESD heads-up last night in the Mookie. I thought Wonka had overcards and had missed.

Overcards? Yes. Missed? no, Jacks.

Unfortunately, you do sometimes get what you wish for...

katitude said...


crushmastac a.k.a. CheckinMyAA said...

What was up with the 5 second appearance on BDR? Gotta stay long than that man. haha.

And at least you don't have a love affair going on with the fold button, like Buddy and his Franzia...