Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How the heck are ya?

OK smarty pants. I took this picture this past weekend. Anyone know what or at least where it is? I took a lot of pictures in Las Vegas. I sometimes dabble in the artsy side of the camera. I'll be posting the lions share of the photos on my photo blog, so GO CHECK IT OUT!

The trip to Vegas has left me just wiped out. We packed a lot of together time into just a few days. No kids can turn Mom and Dads into party animals.

The Mookie was tonight. I signed up, you may have missed me. I played the hand of the devil and found out it was no match for K8o. I remember why I had been sort of avoiding the Mookie. With the BBT3 on, there are just too many people looking to suck out early to go deep. No biggie. I came back a little only to find out that when you shove with top pair on a 237 rainbow board, A8o is a perfectly reasonable hand to call with. The 8 on the turn sealed my fate. Such is poker.

Poker tonight just wasn't working for me. I dropped into a $5 SNG after the Mookie to find out that calling a shove with KQo is a good idea. It flops a straight when OhCaptain has KK. Eek. I run g00t!

Have you figured out what the pictures is yet? I'll give you a hint. It was taken in Las Vegas, NV.

The Weekend at Mookies sounded like a total blast. I wish I could have been there. I'd like someday to make it to a blogger gathering. Heck, I was even thinking that it could happen here, in southern MN. I have a nice, hand made poker table and a fold up spare. We even have a casino, wait, its far away...never mind. No...what we do have is a very large hospital. That's always a good thing. Not sure if you knew this but Minnesota is actually a hot bed of golf. My hometown of 16,000 people had 2 golf courses in the city limits and there are probably 8 courses within 20 miles. Rochester has, crap, a lot. (what do you expect in a city with more MD's per capita then any other city in the world). This idea is so squishy, not sure why I'm bringing it up.

Time to go relive my live poker glory from the weekend. Ahh...the serenity of the Stratosphere. Go check out JamyHawk's sleep research study. Good stuff there. Let me know if you are playing poker and trying to break my record for not sleeping. Bark! Bark!

Julius Goat has new blog too. FilmCraw. A Cool site about old movies. We all know how good his poker blog is.

Oh yeah, went to poker league last night. Folded for over an hour. Shoved with the hammer. It went poorly. Went home. I need to find some place else to play cards regularly.


jamyhawk said...

Thanks for the pimpage. Hope the tables turn for you soon.

CC said...

You do have the full-bed strip clubs, or so I've read from Diablo Cody!

OhCaptain said...

Jamy - NP on the pimpage, read ya every day. The tables ain't turning. Tonight was the night of the cooler. Ugg. Maybe a donkament tomorrow night will help me get it out of my system.

CC - The Mrs isn't a big fan of going to strip clubs with me. In fact, I'm pretty sure that would be a really bad call if I made it. Since I couldn't shake the wife, I had to skip the strip clubs. Those woman are like glue ;-)

Joanada said...

though it looked a lot different last time I was there, I am guessing that is a picture of the ceiling at the Bellagio. They always have cool stuff hanging there

Gentleman Jim said...

Maybe you missed it lately sir, but I think we're gonna try to get Corn-Vegas goin this summer. Get your bankroll ready. And be nice to OhCountess so she lets you out of the house.

OhCaptain said...

Joanada - you are correct! Congrats!

Jim - Get CornVegas going and let me know!!!