Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A little live poker and some new live babies

We had quite the busy weekend and through it all, this degenerate still found time to play some cards.

OhCaptain and family welcomed two new babies into the world. Nope, we aren't having any more, unless you ask OhCountess. She doesn't like the terms "never" and "more kids" in the same sentence.

OhCountess is a hero to me. Her sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Sunday night, my wife at her side. Way to go honey! I was at her side for both our daughters. It's a magic place. To all the guys out there, don't blow your chance to be there and for Pete's sake, be there if you do the deed. I hate nothing more then men who don't take being a Dad seriously. You are and always will be scum if you aren't there for your kids. Being a Dad is the greatest thing I have ever done. I wouldn't trade it for anything, not even a seat at the ToC. Let's leave it at that.

Another dear friend and his wife also brought us a future Main Event champion on Saturday. You'll probably know who it is, maybe not, but I'll let him have the honor of telling the world. Congrats my friend! Enjoy these times!

So, this is a poker blog, huh?

Friday night, pre-babies was spent in the monthly game known as Bourbonators. I think someone mentioned 144 proof being the whiskey of the month. Yep, to rather rapid flameouts ended my night. PokerFool joined us for his first ever Bourbonators night. He flamed out of the first SNG right after me. We pretended to play some PLO waiting for the next one to start. When the next game started, I played QQ too hard and found out it is no match of AKo. I lost my 473 consectutive coin flip. Congrats to PokerFool for taking down a second!

Thankfully, I was able to win back my two buyins playing a little HU. Thank goodness for side action.

The ensuing hang-over on Sunday led me to 4 consecutive bubbles in SNGs. I love bubbling with a hang over.

Figuring my pain wasn't enough from all of this, (Did I say masochist in my Mookie profile?? need to check that out) I joined Kat at a .05/.10 $10 max NLHE table. Remember my whole wanting to get better and May seeming to be the month I show a profit at cash games? Well, in short order I was down a little more then $20. Nice job! I buckled down and got back some. Built my session back up to -$16. For the first time in my cash game experience, I actually got it all-in and won a friggin' hand. I had the nut flush, triple checked it...yes indeed, an ace high flush is the nuts. Did some razzle dazzle, and our villain got it all in, having me covered (not to mention some dead money conveniently deposited by others - hehe). K high flush no good. Whew! That pot got me a small profit on the session. I was quite sure that all the gains I'd made at the beginning of the month were gone in one session. So May is looking profitable.

Monday, a US holiday of great relaxation and remembrance, found me back in the SNG saddle winning 3 of 5 tournaments. Not too shabby considering the flurry of activity at our house. BTW - that's not just cashing, that's winning. Been a while since I was just flat winning these things regularly. Now, to avoid the correction.

I will say it again. Please go check out Donkette's ride. She's an inspiration to me. She's on part 13 now of her road to sobriety. (Donkette - give each the same label so we can link to the series)

Work sucks when you get back after a long weekend. Hope everyone else had a great weekend!


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Congrats on the additions to the fam Captian. There really is nothing better.


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