Tuesday, October 7, 2008

And then the horseshoe fell out of my...

Monday nights at our house are just a zoo. The whole transition from the weekend to the week just doesn't flow well. OhCountess is usually working until 7. The kids are not liking being back in school and I get to hold the universe together regardless of my state of mind.

I've really wanted to join the TuckFards at their tournaments on Monday nights. Bam-Bam has had the most inspiring pictures as of late (here & here), it's almost impossible not to have good clean thoughts and be clear thinking while looking at those.

The first one is at 6 PM CST. This one is probably a long shot that I'll ever make it. OhCountess is really not a huge fan of me playing online poker at the dinner table. That being said, I was a tad late getting dinner on the table and played the TuckFard Open II at 7PM. I really appreciated the help in setting the table.

That tournament is of the HORSE variety. I've got to admit, omaha is a complete mystery to me and for the most part, so is stud. So, that leaves me with Limit Hold 'em and Razz. I really seemed to rock the H portion of the night. It was usually during this that I'd shoot to the chipleader position...then come the O. O - MG. Back to the dank position I go. Seriously, I should just never play omaha.

I survived half the field. Not too shabby playing with 3 of my 5 hands tied behind my back.

After busting, I was chatting with Gentleman Jim about flaming out in razz. I'm positive that there is no way I don't go broke there. I'm extremely short stacked and get dealt 42A, catch the 3 on 5th street...and then brick out. What are you going to do?  Instant Tragedy sends me a reminder IM about the LivePokerRadio.com Tour. Late registration was still going on. 3 people started the tournament, then me and lastly LJ joined in.

I could bore you with the details, but I got hit with the deck. I believe the entire tournament lasted 20 minutes. I took out everyone but NutzCarson, he was gone before I sat down. Flopping the nuts straight with a redraw to the flush and my over shove for value was called by LJ and IT. Not that their hands sucked. IT had top pair with the draw to the straight and LJ had hit bottom set. Yikes, I was running good. Later I got someone all in. I had AA and they had 77. Not much you can do there...like I said, I got hit HARD with the deck.

I was heads up with TheGoatLady. Is this Julius Goat's wife? Someone please clarify that for me. I was surmizing it from the conversation, but never really knew for sure. Either way, she has game. She put up quite a battle heads up, but I was ducking, dodging and wielding an extremely large stack. I avoided doubling her up at all costs and only get it in good when I had a big hand. I mean really, the blinds are 20/50 and I'm sitting at ~14,000 chips. ~300 BBs and I'm really not feeling anything.

I waited it out until I flopped a set of 8s on a very strange looking board and that was all she wrote. I was pretty stoked to have another blogger tournament under my belt. Although, the field being 5 people, 1 of which had busted before I got there, isn't nearly as impressive, but I'll take it none the less. Congrats for those that participated. Not much you can do when someone is running this good.

I've got some live poker to play and have just scheduled 3 more live home games in the coming weeks. Two are at my house. OhCountess and I will be hosting the annual Halloween game. Bring your costume! Seriously, if you are going to be in the area, with a costume and pass a background check, let me know and I can add you to the eVite list. Drop me a comment!

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BamBam said...

An absoloute pleasure seeing you at the game last night Sir! The same time issue that makes our game tough for you, works in reverse for my fav... The mookie!

I know what you went through to play and wanted to say thanks!

Memphis MOJO said...

Congrats on your win! Nice job.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for joining us. Hope to see you next week... maybe we should change the format to Omaha... just kidding.

Mondogarage said...

Oops, yeah, I forgot that Palin simply misappropriated that, too. I'm jealous that you're going to get winter before we do.

Anyway, I got a soft spot for the upper midwest, fo'reals. Two years in Marquette will do that to you.

Anonymous said...

HEY, you have note on me!!

OhCaptain said...

Nutz...wouldn't you like to know what the note is...hehehehe

Gentleman Jim said...

Halloween game eh? Next time we're both online lets talk about it. Maybe I'll make the trip up depending on a few things.