Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dude! Look out! Life is coming RIGHT AT YOU!

Sorry for the complete lack of updates here. Work is piling up. Home life is VERY busy. Oh, and we are hosting a Halloween Poker bash at our house Saturday night. Every time we host one of these, I refine the process at little more to make things just right. Seriously...I think these are run better then the casinos and I don't even take a rake. Whatever.

I've been pokering it up only a little bit. Here's my nightly routing on Poker Stars or Full Tilt:
  • Step 1: Lose 3 or 4 sngs
  • Step 2: Win back at least half the money lost playing LHE cash game
  • Step 3: Take pent up anger out on some poor unsuspecting chap at NLHE Heads Up sng by playing hyper aggressive. Win slightly more then half of these.
  • Step 4: Go to bed realizing this was not profitable and vow to do better tomorrow night
  • Rinse, Lather, Repeat following night.
This has left me in a slight decline in my bankroll. Being high stakes phobic, this has made only a slight dent. Thank goodness I have High Stakes Phobia...

Last Friday night, it was Bourbonators at my house. I was well rested and ready to enjoy a night relaxing with the guys. The highlight of the night: I had accumulated a goodly size stack of chips. I might have even been the chipleader. We were approaching the money bubble. I got dealt KK in MP. It folds to me. I put in a lame 2X BB raise (T$ 4000). Yeah, 1 bet for the BB to call, I think I want action there, the entire other side of the table was short stacked. Button goes all in for ~ T$4900 and gets 2 more callers before its back to me. Yeah, like you'd fold here. Since it was only T$900 more to call, I did and knocked a total of 3 guys out of the tournament with one hand. That sent my stack into the stratosphere. Only a matter of grinding the last 2 guys out of existence and I won the tournament. Second sng...card death followed by the stench of rotting card death. I held out as long as I could until KK ran into A2o and the AK into something else that sucked to lose to and I can no longer remember.

Saturday night: wife goes out shopping for the evening. Kids go to bed. Dad fires up a $2 MTT on Full Tilt. I've played these on occasion and bounced nice and early every time. Following the expert tutelage of many of you bloggers, I manage to cash for the first time in a non-blogger MTT that wasn't a SNG. Yeah bitches...this guy has never one a MTT that wasn't hosted by one of you. I can take down the Mookie. I can take down the Donkament (2X thank you). I even took down LPR, but I have never won any other MTT. Well, I didn't win this one on this night either. I did finish 36th out of 495 for a very tiny cash. I will keep playing these in warm up fashion to blow off a $26 present and a few Tier One Tokens. I think I might just try to win a few of these...

Tuesday night: Poker League. Played very tight/very aggressive poker. Picked good spots. Even floated a guy based on my read of being on a draw. Finished 4th. Not too shabby. QQ shoved into AA can't be expected to win every time, although, I'd expect AKs shoved into KQo to win more times then it did. Frickin' variance.

Tonight: The mother of all rebuys. I have been looking forward to this since I first saw it. I'm ready to blow off some tight/aggressive anxiety and turn it into crazy/loose/ATC/lucksackery.

I hope to see you there!
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