Friday, October 24, 2008

Was that Buddy in the backroom with a pig?

Yep. I played in the NumbBlowMe Invitational. Yes I had fun. Yes, I did 45 rebuys. Yes, I bought the add-on. No, I did not win, but holy crap was that fun. My biggest tweak request...get more people at my starting table pushing early. We started with 3 dead sad.

But that wasn't the only fun. We played a blogger cash game. Nickel/Dime. Let this be a warning to all you would be tourists crashing a blogger cash game. We like the breaks that tournaments provide...sucka!

Until I get some sleep...I am outta here!


Memphis MOJO said...

It was fun, though, wasn't it?

I noticed you got up to 52,000 then 57,000 then back to low 50Kish for a long time. Did you have a bad beat or coin flip that crippled you?

OhCaptain said...

I foolishly overplayed KK into A rag off suit. I was pot committed preflop when I pushed 2/3 of my stack thinking I had a big hand.

BTW - it was an absolute blast.

lightning36 said...

Sorry I missed the big event. I looked in a few times and saw $100 and $200 blinds with stacks of $500,000+!

Man, I wish I had known there was some ring game action going on. Blogger ring games are da shittz.

muhctim said...

That was fun, enjoyed seeing you at the tables, both tourney and cash. I defy any poker player to find a more fun way to blow $20.00.