Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Some pimpage that just boggles the mind...

Ok. Some NumbBono guy announces that there is gonna be this:

NumbBlowMe Invitational

Tournament # 63820195
8:30 pm CST
NLHE - 0.10 + 1.00
Unlimited dime rebuys until first break
Dime add-on of 1500 chips at first break
password = bdankradio
And I think to the Donkament, I try to budget myself to around $10 worth of rebuys...maybe $15 if I'm feeling saucy. Now, seriously, if I stick to my budget, I can do between 100 and 150 rebuys...GET OUT OF TOWN!

But then, my mind gets really twisted up with this thought. If TwoBlackAces beats his personal best of 73 rebuys + the addon...that's more then 730 rebuys in 1 hour. OMFG! That's seriously gonna be some kind of record...right????


muhctim said...

truly mind boggling potential, haha!

Anonymous said...

I see the entire table going all-in every hand for an hour.

Too Funny. At the end of the rebuy there will be 3 or 4 players with millions of chips and 25 players with a starting stack.

Memphis MOJO said...

Theoretical question: At the end of the rebuy perios, supposed I have 2 million in chips. Should I take the add-on?

OhCaptain said...

I believe Fuel55 has declared that anyone not taking the rebuy be shot on sight.

I'm just wondering what the strategy is for playing a table full of people with an M of 2^100.

lightning36 said...

So I'm really gonna have to rebuy? I was hoping to get in and stay in for $1.10, maybe $1.30 max ...

OhCaptain said...

I think it's safe to assume that the whole idea of single digit rebuys is not going to happen.

Shrike said...

I will be unhappy if someone doesn't rebuy 99+ times.