Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What a game...wait til next year

My hats off to the Sox. What a game. Lightning36, your summary said it, what a fitting end to a season. These two teams battled last night like it was the last game they would ever play.

Any doubts about intensity were definitely set aside when my boy Michael Cuddyer nearly removed the left arm A.J. Pierzynski. Seriously, did either player look like they were worried about losing a limb? Joe Mauer's comment on summed it up pretty well, "That's guys playing the game hard, that's baseball at its best right there."

(I played catcher in my youth, trust me, that's what we live for right there...we are the only guys on the field who's job description includes "Protect the plate" ain't lived until you've dropped the shoulder and sent someone into next week...hehehe)

One pitch. That's all it took. Thome's home run was the only offense of note. Sweet Jeebus, both pitchers are still wondering what that fuzzy stuff is on their chins. Blackburn, the rookie and Danks in season Two of his career. Both had amazing games with the weight of the universe on their shoulders. Isn't that the dream of every little leaguer?

I'm quite proud of my team. Please remember, at the beginning of the season, this group of youngsters was said to be in the "rebuilding" phase. Holy Crap! If this is rebuilding, I can't wait to see what happens when they are done with that.

Like the previous 30 winters, I'll be warming up for the next season, just a bit sad this off season is starting so early.

Now, the Chi Sox are in the playoffs. What we gonna do with that boys? You showed the heart and character it takes to play the best last night...let's bring home the Series to the Midwest. You got what it takes?

PS. I'm in a pissy mood today. It better be important...just sayin. ;-)


lightning36 said...

Hell of a game last night, OhCaptain. The difference was really that slim between two teams who were slated to be the also-rans of the division. Two teams going all out and playing excellent baseball -- that is what the game is really about.

The Twinkees ... uh, Twins ... have a great young team and will be back next year.

As for the Sox -- time to Win or Die Trying.

Memphis MOJO said...

I'd love to see a subway series in the windy city -- the cubbies and the white sox, yeah baby !!

Unknown said...

They did play their hearts out, and that's something that can't be said by the other major Minnesota team right now.

Gentleman Jim said...

Why do the cubs have to suck now? Stupid Ryan Dempster, go back to the Reds where you belong.