Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Home game poker gives back

We didn't forget and I promised myself that I would post this when it got done. Remember, back in January, we had our little home game and did an add-on

The add-on worked like this, bring 2 items suitable for donation to a local food shelf and you'd get an extra 500 chips. This idea came from oldest daughter's. Her school routinely does a food drive every year pitting each class against the others to gather the most food. Every year, parent's of kids in every class get home from work and wonder what happened to the jar of spaghetti sauce they were sure they had.

The week following the home game, it was brutally cold here. Folks, I grew up here in Minnesota. 80 hours below zero is cold. Since I work a Monday - Friday job and have no access to parking, I can't bring the food to the food shelf. The job fell to the OhCountess. We also agreed that we wanted our girls to be apart of the delivery. There was no way my wife was taking the kids any where that week of the deep freeze and the following week didn't improve that situation, she started clinicals for grad school. Ugh. 

Here it is! Today the girls got all that food to the Channel One Food bank. Thanks to everyone that came that night! Our home game collected 38 items to give to those in need. I'm sure someone else's home game can do better. Your home game have what it takes? I'd love to hear your stories of home game charity! Wouldn't it be cool if we all tried to out do each other and maybe make a difference?


jamyhawk said...

Great job!

lightning36 said...

On another subject ... I am not happy that your Twinkies now have Joe Crede. He is a heck of a player when he is healthy. I certainly wish him the best ... except when the bad guys are playing my White Sox.

Memphis MOJO said...

And look at the smiles on their faces!

DrewFours said...

Easily among the most genuine smiles I've seen on young faces in a long time. Good will is SO under-rated.