Sunday, February 15, 2009

I need a ride

I'll be on a plane that's landing in Toronto (YYZ) at ~5 pm on 13 of March

Anyone know of a good home game that weekend? Preferably one featuring drunken bloggers?

On a more serious note, OhCountess will not be travelling with me. Anyone need a roommate that weekend?


Riggstad said...

I believe that is the weekend of Eh Vegas dear man. Lucky, lucky, lucky you!

Oh, and Eh Vegas just so happens to partake in Toronto.

OhCaptain said...

I should have used a more prominent sarcasm font. I KNOW! I'm really excited. Got the flight booked today. In other words...I'm going to Eh Vegas.

Um, I still am hoping for a ride to/from the airport...

TripJax said...

Sarcasm font.


That's genius.

If you build it, I will use it.

Katitude said...

I understand that there is a proposal before the W3 Consortium to introduce a sarcasm tag:
<sarcasm> </sarcasm>

*grin. can't wait for March!