Saturday, February 14, 2009

I like jokes about tetrahedrons

This week on Poker After Dark (pretend that's Ali Nejad talkin') it's Brilliant Minds week. Brandon Adams, Chris Ferguson, Andy Bloch, Bill Chen, Jimmy Warren and David Skalansky. If you don't like math jokes, this wasn't your week.

Actually this is an amazing collection of quite brilliant minds period. If I'm not mistaken, David Skalansky is the only one not holding an advanced degree. Andy Bloch and Brandon Adams have yet to reach their PhDs, but each holds more the one masters. That's a lot of SAT points...Damn!

I grew up kind of a strange kid. My heros were, Rod Carew, Albert Einstein and Ben Franklin. I know, I'm a geek. If it makes you feel any better, I also though Hanibal Smith was pretty awesome too.

I watched the episodes this week and was fascinated about how certain players played. Most of them appeared to be pretty solid players, you'd expect that, but Ferguson and Bloch each had a lot of gamble in them. Ferguson on more then one occasion was calling very large bets on what appeared to be coin flip situations. Even in a 6 max sng, I'm not sure I call almost my entire stack with 99.

Bill Chen was the victim of about the coldest deck you can imagine. The man with a great run in 2006 WSOP first ran AQo into Ferguson's 99 (?). I really had no idea how Ferguson calls for his entire stack there. If someone can explain that math to me, let me know. The very next hand, while having a really short stack, Chen flops aces up. A3. Of course Jimmy Warren played his AA perfectly. (Unlike me from last Sunday)

Poker has been a long way from my schedule lately. I'm currently on the tail end of my first large project at work. The pressure is on to get it out the door. This has left me burned out at the end of the day. Just like going deep in a live tournament, my brain resembles Jell-o at the end of the day.

One welcome deviation this week came on Wednesday night. My good friend MumblingSages and I were lucky enough to enjoy the absolutely best seats at the Excel Energy Center for the Wild victory over the Colorado Avalanche. Check it was a damn fun night.

This has been the sum of poker for me this week. I did play a few sngs on Tuesday night, but nothing too impressive or noteworthy. I even missed poker league (oh, the horror). The biggest poker highlight has been the Donkament. I didn't play particularly well. I over played AJ during the rebuy period when I had plenty of chips and doubled up Numbette. I knew she had AK but seriously figured she would lay it down. D'oh!

The best part of the night had to be watching OhCountess not only cash, but finish second to the unstoppable NumbBono. He's now 7 of his last 7. I won it two weeks ago, but of course he wasn't there. Can anyone stop this man?

My project will be done soon. I hope to finish up more of my Vegas recap very soon and detail my plans to attend Eh Vegas! The passport application has been submitted...let's cross our fingers. Anyone want to play some live poker? I'm ready!




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