Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Never play a hand with a 9 in it

Never play a hand with a 9 in it.

I read that advice somewhere. I'm pretty sure it was an article about razz, but if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense in most games. It's rarely ever the high and most probably never the low.

Last night was poker league. Lately, I've just been completely unable to get anything going. It's still a great place to practice some aspects of poker, but mostly it's a dang good reason to get out of the house and hang with fun people.

Lately, I've really been experimenting with a much more small ball approach. The games tend to be pretty tight passive and when my game is on I think I can exploit this after the flop.

Under the gun, the blinds are 50/100, I decided to limp with 99. Usually if someone raises preflop, you are either against over cards or bigger pairs and raising now will encourage them to raise again. Spiking a set can be gold! Lot's of people will die with top pair or even any two pair. The guy next to me calls and the two blinds join the fun.

The flop comes As9s8c. Gin! The two blinds check, I'm really not happy about the two spades because it will be tough getting rid of the flush draw players, like the guy on my left. I bet out for 400 (pot size). Only the guy on my left calls. He's a notorious straight and flush chaser.

The turn is a second 8. Whew! If he's on a draw, I'm good. We both check.

The river is a blank. (I think it was a 4d) To induce a raise, I bet out here 600. Not really pot size, I was hoping for it to look like a steal of the pot. Well, he reraises me the minimum. I'm pretty sure he'd do that with anything from 2 pair up. Maybe he's got trip 8's. I'm pretty sure a shove for value here will get called. So I shove.

He couldn't have more instantly called and turned over 88. Friggin' quads!

Unlike the post with the aces a little while ago, that I now admit to totally screwing up, I ask you, how the hell do I not go broke here? (BTW - we both had monster stacks at the time)


SirFWALGMan said...

Never play a hand with a nine in it sounds like dumb advice.. you probably heard it in context of a split game where middle cards tend to be weak and easily dominated.. heh. Anyway just could not pass up the chance to call you stupid. :P.

cmh76 said...

Not really much you could have done different here. The hand moreless played itself out. When the turn came an 8, there is no way either of you were getting off those hands. Just chalk it up to another sick poker hand to tell the grandkids one day.

Memphis MOJO said...

You-know-what happens.

pokerpeaker said...

It would be a worse play to fold there, even when you were behind in that case, especially in a tournament! Wasn't it Doyle who said, "play as if quads don't exist."

Drizztdj said...

Two things:

1) "Don't play a hand with a nine in it" is good advice for split games (Stud 8 and O8).

2) 9-9 in Hold Em' is always gold, play it like aces. Someone stacked that deck.

Anonymous said...

I think both of us go broke in this case. Ironically, just like the AA hand, this one again has the min raise on the river. Might be a good idea to add just calling the min raise on the river (instead of shoving) to your game.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Monster stacks??? What's that?
I'm sorry you've about gone belly-up. I can loan you a little (of course the interest rate would be a little sharky :)...)
I'm sorry I'm silly at you blog sometimes. You be serious at my blog okay? I mean it....
Take good care and.....

Steady On
Reggie Girl

diverjoules said...

He had to put you on a decent hand. His min raise surely was not meant to steal the pot from you. So you have to ask yourself WHY? Why do that, knowing I have a hand. Becuase he has a better one, that is why. I play very carefully on the river, having shoved many times too often. Calling would have been the way to go. But alas you know that now.

DrewFours said...

I think diverjoules is right about asking 'why' but I'm not sure about the answer.

I agree that the min-raise most likely means he BELIEVES he has a better hand, but there are only two that beat you. A A or 8 8. A A seems unlikely without a raise pre-, and the odds against 8 8 are astronomical. A 8, possibly 4 4, seem much more likely here, given the action and the small amount of info about the opponent.

Of course, if the player is crafty and or puts YOU on a good to better hand, you have to consider that the 'appearance' of value may be intended to make you believe he has a very good hand when it's really a steal.

All things considered, I think the push still gives the best value.

Of course, my chips aren't at stake.

gooch said...

i go broke there everytime too, i've only been able to sniff out hands like that a couple times, and by then there was so much money in the pot i couldn't fold even when i knew i was in bad