Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Can someone check Bodie's Pulse?

Bodie25 and I have had an on going bet for poker league, a lasts longer bet. I've had the upper hand in this one and continued to find ways to just make it longer. Last week, I won the tournament for the second time this season.

To spice things up, we changed the bet. This week it was all on me. He laid me 5:1 that I couldn't win back to back poker leagues. I really thought a fair spread would be 20:1, since there are roughly 50 people in tournament and the variance is's a freeroll for Pete's sake.

I should probably mention what the stakes are. We play for the Zuppa Tuscana at the Olive Garden. Arguably the best soup ever made. That's another post. He's been feeding me well and to be honest, just winning the bet would be way worth anything.

My attention this week continued to be just making good decisions. I've really been trying hard to make sure each decision I make is the best for the situation. I've found that be making myself think more aggressively, I don't consider the fact that a calling station doesn't care and will be all-in cause - "it was suited!" At first, I was angry at them and the league but then I realized that it wasn't their fault I lost, it was mine for not considering it and taking appropriate action.

So this week it was all about the right play. Early on, I tried playing a few more draws against people that over value their hands....this failed cause...I never hit my draws. Well, that was the risk of calling them. I got as low as 1000 chips in a tournament that starts with 2000.

This week, it was all about the thinking process, the M was important. In many weeks past, I've let the stack dip too low before turning up the heat, thus I get in there with a submarginal hand and lose. This week, when the M was starting to hit the red zone, I'd make moves based on more than just my two cards...whose in the blinds, whose left to act, did they look at their cards, if they did...did they react, where am I (LP, MP, EP). I even found a nice trick for players that are paying attention...I shoved once and got everyone to fold (QQ). hand J9...I pushed again (my M was 6). It folds around again, the limpers even folded. Comment by one of the player, "The first time I figured it was just a move, but the second time in a have to have it." Hmm...something to think about, I just played it cause it's my favorite hand. Lesson learned.

I played the M game for a while. Just hanging on. I'm currently 5th in the league points (gawd I wished I had those tilt nights back for a couple of extra points). So making the points is increasingly more important. 3 of the 4 people in front of me have already busted. This adds to every decision now. I want to win, but I also want points...

Eloise double me up again, I had asked her if I should promise her again to make good use of the chips...I tried hard to win the bet and keep this promise...

I made the final table. Whew! Of the remaining 7 people, Ryan is on my left (currently 4th in points). After that, a random selection of luckboxes...DANG, I might actually have a chance to win it all. Bodie25 had stayed to watch me play. I could tell he was both cheering me on and thinking about the bet. I was trying to keep the bet out of my mind. It's still all about the decision for me.

I win some big pots, but the blinds : stack size for everyone is at the point where you just gotta push. Baldie, not the best player ever, is a loose player. Bodie25 called him aggressive, but I think that aggression just comes from him thinking that a flush draw is strong, not anything more than that. He pushes from UTG with his 18000 chips. I'm already in for 6000 and it folds to me. I have 18500 left. I squeeze JJ. What would you do? I called. He turns over AA. A on the runner runner. I busted 4th, but what a hell of a ride it was.

Bodie25 really gave a great recap of this on his site. I highly recommend you check it out.


Brook said...

Hey Tim, great blog! Just dropped in to say hi. Good luck in your quest to make it to another final. Hopefully you will be joining us on the trip to the Bay 101...

Brook Lyter

OhCaptain said...

Hopefully, I will!

Thanks for dropping in!