Saturday, November 10, 2007

My night at Bourbonators - Nothing like getting hit with the deck

Bourbonators is my monthly whisky club. Not a bad gig at all, chip in for a new whisk(e)y, bourbon or scotch, drink the booze and play some cards. What a great way to spend the evening!

We actually had several newer faces at the game. Bodie25 made it and as far as OhCaptain is concerned, this game is less about the poker and more about just hanging out with friends...that's not to say though...we ain't competitive.

We usually play 2 or 3 SNGs in a night, depending on the number of people and speed of the play. With 11 people there, I would seriously doubt we'd get to 3 games.

The first game went pretty much routing, I folded, folded and folded and to my surprise (not really) busted pretty early. If you want to know why, check out this.

After some very serious Wii Bowling and Wii Carnival Games, we got back to game 2.

I really paid attention to how people were playing the first game and figured my optimal strategy was be patient, play cheap pots and try to guess what a blank sheet was thinking.

Now, this is the best part, about 30 minutes into the tournament, I get hit with the deck. In a hand with Dan K, He one bet raises, everyone folds to me in the BB. I called with K8. The flop comes 8 3 10, 2 hearts. Dan raises 1 bet. I think he on a flush draw. He wouldn't play anything this crappy with a raise. The turn is a K, not a heart. Now we are cooking with gas. He seems disappointed as raises again, this time 2 bets. I have to call this now. I really think he's on the flush. The perfect storm is delivered on the river. The 8 of hearts. He's giddy. This time, I actually bet first. 3 bets. He thinks for a second and moves all in. I insta-call and give him the bad news. He had me covered, so score this a double up.

I used these chips to push the table around for a while and build my stack some more. I seriously just kept getting the cards. One more time later, a nice big pot with Dan again, and BAAM! Kings over 8s full house...

I did my best and eliminated almost everyone until finally I was heads up with John W., our chief Bourbonator. John's a good player, experienced. We played for a while, sucking out on each other until finally, I get KK. I moved all in, he calls to find the deck is pretty cold. He's got tens, and I take it down.

The best part of all this is just hanging with the guys, laughing and drinking some good whisky.