Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Promises Kept

This week, I was rested, calm and ready to play. My focus, to make the best decisions possible with each hand and get inside the heads of the other players.

Nothing fancy this week. Not many hands of the week to be honest. What we have is vindication for those good players busted by the morons...because, in the end, I put my money in with the best hand and won it all.

Why promises kept? Eloise, a regular at my home game, asked me to win since I was playing with her chips. She found herself with the second best hand against me twice. We sat at the same table all night. She fought hard and got her way into a pretty good chip position only to loose two big pots to me. So when she busted, she just told me that I better win it all...Eloise...your chips were not squandered ;-)

Bodie25 and Mrs. Bodie25 were there, but I could tell by the look on his face that it didn't go well. Let's hope you finds your groove again. Poker can be a twisted game.

Probably the hand with the most satisfaction for me wasn't the last one. And to be honest, the pot wasn't all that large. I was in the pot with the lady that slow rolled me a couple of weeks ago with AA. This time, I flopped the an open ended straight draw. She bet the flop, I called. I hit the straight on the turn. She bet, I called. Now, I hate slow playing and this was turning into the second time of the night was going to slow play because I just new that if the board didn't pair, I had the stone cold nuts and she'd pay me off. Sure enough, there are no flushes or pairs on the river and she's betting, I raise to put her all in...she calls and just scratches her head...she's done. Ahh...sweet, sweet revenge.

I suppose now that I mentioned this is the second time I slow played a hand I should tell you that the first time was up against my previous nemesis..the well manicured man. I flopped the set of jacks and he couldn't stop betting...he had pair the 7 and I had flopped the set of Js. I think that demon is done.

I stayed the course of my plan for extremely tight aggressive play until the final table. I switched gears at the final table and started pushing all-in with just about any two cards bigger than 10 or a pocket pair. Funny thing is, people assumed I was on a rush and just folded a lot to me. Faith A. even made the comment, "He's gotta a lot of chips, wow...take a risk like that he must have something big." I had KTo. Steal the blinds twice each orbit and you are making a profit.

When the table was 4 handed, I actually believed I could win the whole thing. I felt in my heart that I could out play each and every one of these guys. I watched as the impaled themselves on each others chips and even took a one out myself. The only hand all night I got into behind. He called one of my all-ins with AQ. I had K T and paired my K on the flop.

When we got heads up, my Villain was a decent player, but I don't think he has much experience heads up. It only took about 10 minutes at the most for me to win with a flopped set of 4s. Wouldn't you raise with 45o heads up?

Promises kept. This ones for you guys!


bodie25 said...

nh sir

Eloise said...

Great job! The pain of doubling you up twice was eased by the knowledge that I gave them to someone who wouldn't donkey them off and knows how to play!