Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bourbonators Recap - October

It as a short-handed month. The games consisted of 7 Bourbonators. I'd like to talk about how great I played, or the miracle hand I had, but frankly, this month was all about the Poker Points.
If I go over 50 Poker Points when John or Darrin wins the race next month, I start the next series with my points - 50. If keep it at or below 50 points, I keep all my points and start with a sizeable lead on most of the players. There is no way I could win this series, so I'd decided to try and make a run at the next series. So for me, to 4th place finishes were enough to give me 49 points. I get 2 points next next month might be all about the booze.

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