Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Poker League Recap - No soup, no chips

Bodie25 was out ill this week. He lived up to the prop bet and fed me a wonderful bowl of Zuppa for lunch, but it was obvious...the germs were winning. Since he was gone, the bet was off, and I didn't play for any soup. Not sure if it mattered though, the cards didn't come and the donkeys flurished.

Poker league is tough to stay motivated for. I really enjoyed playing in the bigger home game, the players were solid and you could really know where you stand. Poker league is a different beast.

One thing that is important for league, is to occasionally get some cards. You will be showing down hands. People just rarely fold. Those that do fold, you gotta make sure you got'em read so you can push them off.

Last night, I never got a hand. And I'm not talking about a top 20 hand, I'm talking about a playable hand. The best ace I had, A9 off suit. The best pocket pair...44. The most common hand dealt to me J2. So I did a lot of folding. I lost 1/4 of my stack, calling with 44. UTG raises to 3XBB (50/100 blinds), there are 3 callers, and me. With pot odds like that, I just couldn't lay it down. Well...nothing but overcards.

Nights like this are very depressing. I had an excellent read on the table. I knew when people were strong and I knew when they were weak. My reads (from the cheap seats) were dead on. But what are you supposed to do when you aren't in the pot?

I was down to my last 600 in chips, the blinds are at 75/150. I'm on the button with KTo. It folds to me, with a limper UTG, so I push. The limper is the older gentleman with handlebar mustache. He will limp with a good hand, but will lay them down to pressure. He utters the words I don't want to hear..."I'm ready to go home, you got me." NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That's the kiss of death! He turns over 98. I know what this means. The flop comes A T 3. No s. John M. says "See, you can win one of these!" I turned to him and said, "It's not over yet. Watch the runner, runner." Turn and river were both 9s. My night was over.