Friday, October 12, 2007

Some good reading...

I read this today at, "Is there too much of a good thing?" This was a fascianting article that contrasted the state of poker just 5 years ago until today. I must admit to not really know anything about poker more than 5 years ago except what Grandma taught me.

I worry, as does the author, about the other variations of poker. For me, I love razz. Man, that's a fun game. I'm trying to learn the others, but for me, razz is great...but how do you find a live one to play? I've never seen one around here. Does anyone, anywhere, still have razz?


Mitchell said...

Unreal--someone else who loves Razz. Do you play on Full Tilt? I hope you aren't the guy who beat me tonight with two perfect cards on 6th and 7th!

OhCaptain said...

Glad to hear of another razz fan! Might I recommend another blog for you. The guys at Brickin the nuts do a great job talkin about our beloved game.

It couldn't have been me, I was losing my shirt on the NLHE tables.

Thanks for stopping by!