Friday, October 26, 2007

I really needed to get bed earlier

I just read the post about last night's home game. What was I thinking when I hit post? You missed the best part. We played from about 8pm to midnight. 6 guys. Top 2 spots get paid. I described for you the general aspects of the game...but no detail what so ever.

I played tight, I stole some pots when I spotted weakness, and I left no money behind. The structure is a bit steep for me. I finished 2nd. I doubled my money. First place got the rest, which was substantial. I would have been happier taking a bigger share of the prize pool. 6 X $40 + 3 X $40 (rebuys) = #360. 25% for second seems a bit low. But I'm not going to complain too much. 2 guys were out $80. The guy that took first was a rebuy. My bankroll got bigger and think ultimately...that's the goal, isn't it?