Thursday, October 4, 2007

Could it be any easier to make money?

I've been looking to spice up my poker life lately. I'm not of the means that can "get my juices flowing for 6 figures." To be honest, I'd probably die before the wager ever came to completion or OhCountess would remove things I want to keep attached to me.

I've played only play money at Poker Stars, but last night I saw a promotion for Play for Millions promotion. The play money tables at Poker Stars have always seemed really soft, even for play money as compared to Full Tilt. But this tournament seemed too good to be true. 7500 entrants and the top 900 get paid! How hard could this be? Well, let's look at the results!

It's true! I squeaked into the money. I actually just decided to make the money and folded while people commited Seppuku all around me. On a side note: let's chalk this up to "You learn something new everyday." Seppuku is the actual term for a Samuri suicide. I always thought it was Hara-kiri, but apparently, that is a colloquialism. Who knew?
What I also discovered last night, is a dollar won't get you any where at Poker Stars, unless I want to blow it on a cash game. I'll need to try and parlay this with another deep cash. Seems this freeroll will be every night for a while. Let's git 'er done!Posted by Picasa