Friday, May 11, 2007


I couldn't be more excited to play tomorrow in the state tournament. I think that's gonna be the hardest part of this whole thing. Keeping my nerves in check. My plan is to start slow and settle into my game. The structure of the tournament start slow and we have a lot of chips, so that should work to my favor.

I'll be leaving for the 6 hour drive at lunch today. So until then, I'm expected to try and work. Ok...I'm out of G.a.S.

I had a pretty bad scare last night. It appears I misplaced my card topper. My beloved MN Twins chip. Not that it's lucky, but it's part of my routine. I spent a short time on a quest for another topper, and then got the bright idea to check the couch...Yo! It was in the couch! Crisis overted!

Hopefully, I have Internet access this weekend. I will try and keep this blog up to date if I do. Maybe even have pictures to share. If I don't, I'll be blogging as soon as the Wi-Fi light lights up on the laptop.