Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Tuesday means live poker - and the tourney I forgot to write about

It's Tuesday, and as Matt writes so well at bodie25, it's free poker night at Brother's.
This short 6 week league has been a challenge for me, I haven't made any points yet. I've gone fairly deep each of the last 2 nights, but never deep enough. As the points are awared to the top 20%, I'd expect to make that pretty regularly. To be perfectly honest, I'm really focused on the game on Saturday right now. That's the state championship for the last league..lots more to come on that.

Matt did a review of the free poker we played at a local bar (The Sandtrap) on Sunday. This bar is known for it's very loose poor play. I like it for a change once and while, but I'm so looking forward to smoke-free poker there. The blue haze is noxious! I think I played well on Sunday, I really think I made only 2 real mistakes. Reading these players is like reading a blank sheet of paper. They may think they are really strong, but only have a suited ace. And as far as making a move on most players, don't bother, they are only playing their cards. I did get lucky at the first table I as at and had two astute players to my left. They both like to trap, so when the flop comes and I'm in position, a raise would either induce a fold, or get them to play. If it got them to play, it means they hit something. Now we just watch their eyes with each street and see if they improve. If not, take the pot on the turn.

The first mistake I made was a family pot developed and I was in the little blind. For some reason, I looked at my two rag cards and folded. Not really sure why, I had the chips, the guy on my left was sure to check (and did). Had I stayed, a betting festival had broken out, I flopped the nuts, a full house, and a pair of aces won the hand. Oh well, those kinds of mistakes are easier to take then the next one.

The other mistake happened at the final table. There are 6 of us left and I was in the BB. It folds around to the girl on the button with a mountain of chips. She minimum raises. The guy in the little blind folds and I look down at A 4. I reacted quickly and moved all-in. I DIDN'T EVEN LOOK AT HER! That was dumb, she had AA. By the river, I had a straight draw and flush draw and missed both. I was out in 6th position. I had plenty of chips and could have easily folded that hand or LOOKED UP, but I didn't. I was impatient for the first time of the night.
As with every session, I've tried to learn from that, and move on. Remember, always get as much information as you can before making a decision. Look up once and while!

More live poker tonight!


Bodie25 said...

You need to get some points buddy, but the best you can hope for is 2nd place tonight. I should bring Dr. Neau because I'm going to be there until the end!